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Volunteering for the Makos

Volunteering is such an important part of the success of the RYWC Mako Swim Team.  Each family’s participation throughout the season is essential to the growth and productivity of the program.  We ask everyone to get involved in some way; either timing at a meet, organizing or serving at social events, learning the meet computer operations, becoming an official, helping with concessions or in many other aspects that are available.  With our “all hands on deck” approach, we have been able to run many profitable meets that generate the income we need to put back into improving our swim program.  With everyone’s help we are able to host organized, well run meets.  While gaining a positive reputation for our team, we are ensuring those visiting teams will return to our meets the following year, thus continuing our growth.  Aside from the financial benefits to the team, volunteering for your child’s team can give you a perspective into their life as a swimmer that you may not see from the sidelines. Most of the kids love that their parents are there, not only cheering them on, but caring enough about their team, that they are willing to help out.  It’s also a great way to connect with the other families on the team that don’t normally see each other as they drop off and pick up from practice.  So rather than thinking of the volunteering as a chore, we hope that it will be a positive experience, that at the same time, benefits your swimmer as well as the whole Mako team.  

The parent volunteer commitment requires that each swimmer has a parent/relative work one session of any meet that their child participates in.  A team hosted meet with multiple sessions may require more than one session if needed.  Every effort will be made to have smaller, manageable shifts, so everyone can participate, but not too much is asked of anyone.

During championship season parents who have swimmers in championship meets will be required to fulfill  jobs as needed.  The jobs will be divided up fairly among the attendees and ideally the parents will be made aware ahead of time.

The coaches will make every effort to ensure that everybody fulfills their obligation and may require someone to do a particular job at a meet.  If the parent will NOT volunteer, the coach may keep the athlete from swimming at that meet.