Become an Official


Officials Training

A Different way to be on deck.

Ensure that our swimmers, your children have the best opportunity possible to display their talents and by providing a safe and fair playing field (pool).

Six Reasons to Become an Official

1.    You’ll be helping the team host a fundraiser meet

2.    We are also required to host home meets and we need to supply our own officials.

3.    Great food and hospitality and it’s free.

4.    Your child always knows you’re watching.

5.    You will always know what to wear to the meet.

6.    You’ll be close to the action.

How do I become a Recreational Official?

A.    Attend an Official Clinic

B.    Watch the videos

C.    Work any dual meet

D.    Shadowing until ready

How do I become an USA Official?

  1. Become a member of USA Swimming
  2. Attend an Official Clinic
  3. Pass open book test
  4. Take the Athlete Protection Training (APT)
  5. Shadow 4 USA  sessions
  6. Background Check

Interested? Email  Peter Soroka or Kimani Conliffe  and they will be happy to fill you in on the details.