National Development


Age Range: 12-15

Practice Requirements: 6 times/ week plus mandatory dry-lands twice a week and Yoga once a week 


  • This group is only for high school-aged swimmers who are highly experienced at the Age group/ Senior level of competitive swimming.
  • Swimmers in this group will train and compete at meets trying to gain national-level status and want to be part of the National Team. 
  • Swimmers are skilled in all four competitive strokes.
  • Stroke technique will be emphasized, but there is an increased proportion of conditioning with interval training.
  • Swimmers can make 15 x 100 1:25 Freestyle
  • Swimmers must have qualified for Age Groups/Senior Opens at some point in the last 2 years. 
  • At this level, there is a high expectation of dedication to the sport of swimming as well as teamwork and a positive attitude.
  • Swimmers are expected to participate in all age-appropriate meets, both at home and away.
  • Relay participation is expected for all members of this group as well.
  • In addition, swimmers will be asked to participate in several travel meets per year where they will stay overnight in the area if they have the time standards and practice attendance requirements. 
  • Finally, swimmers in this group need to help mentor the younger swimmers when necessary at meets or at practices.   

Equipment Needed:

All National and National Development swimmers should get the following gear.


1.    Snorkel – Finis Snorkel                      

2.    Paddles - Finis “Agility” Paddles                               

3.    Short Fins - Finis “Edge”/ TYR Stryker Silicone Fins

4.   Speedo Mesh Gear Bag

5.    Finis Pulling Ankle Strap

6.    Finis Tempo Pro Trainer        

7.    Finis 8” parachute                               


Optional (but nice to have your own):

8.    Speedo Pull Buoy

9.    Finis Alignment Kickboard                                         

10.  Finis EVO Quick tempo Mono-fin                             

11.  Finis ISO Paddles (good for breaststrokers!)

12.  Goggle Bungee strap


·         Swimmers should also bring a water bottle,
extra goggles and extra caps to every practice.