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I hope this email finds you all well. Wow! What an amazing end to such a strange and unpredictable year. From quarantines to shutdowns and pods to lane assignments Zeus still finds a way to rise to the top.


 As coaches, this has been one of the most difficult seasons to prepare for but we definitely found new ways to communicate and plan one day at a time. Once things started getting back to normal and we were able to get back to competitions it was our time to shine. 


It truly has been a season to remember and continue to build on as we move forward into the 2021-2022 season. 


The coaches and I are truly grateful for first and foremost all of our Zeus families that continue to support our program. We are grateful for all of our athletes for their hard work and dedication to their success and for the respect that they have for their coaches. 


We have had so many great things happen this season it’s extremely difficult to put them all into one email.


I would like to just highlight a few of the great things we accomplished this season, especially in returning from the Senior Zone Meet in Buffalo where we had 10 out of our 15 qualifiers attend. Out of those 10 athletes we had all of our male athletes compete at finals in relays one of which placed 3rd overall. Rian Herrmann won the 200 IM and qualified for his first USA swimming winter Jr nationals. Owen Tharrington, Mike Kvaschuk, Kate Fedor, and Julia Stidolph made finals as well. Placed 6th in Men's, Placed 29th in Woman and placed 13th overall. Congratulations to all of our athletes. 


Congratulations to Leka and Agron Mustafa for representing Zeus at the Eastern Zone Age Group Championship in Virginia. Leka Mustafa swam 5 events all of which he placed in the top 16. Agron swam 6 individual events in which he placed in the top 25 and was selected to be on all the CT swim A relays. Congratulations to both boys. 


Congratulations to all of our swimmers who had phenomenal meets at the CPAC Senior Showdown and at the CPAC Age Group Showcase. At both meets, all of our athletes had numerous best times, broke teams' records, and even broke CT swimming state records.