We expect and encourage all ZEUS swimmers and their families to participate in our fundraising efforts. Everyone from Future Stars to Seniors and Nat'l swimmers benefit. 


The following activities are the ways we raise funds for our ZEUS swimmers: 



 Swim-a-Thon  (Highly encouraged minimum $200 participation per child) 

Every year every ZEUS swimmer will participate in the Swim-a-Thon by obtaining pledges for each lap they swim.  Participation is highly encouraged for ALL team members. This is the swimmers chance to make a difference not only for our team but to help our community. The swimmers take great pride in their accomplishments. As we have in the past, we will be combining our efforts with the Connecticut Special Olympics.


Home Swim Meets 

Hosting swim meets provides another source of funds for the ZEUS Swim Team. As a meet host, we generate income through entry fees, sale of programs, raffles, swim store vendor, and the food concession. Please help do your share by volunteering to support your swimmers by working at the meets and also donating food. 


New Ideas

Fundraising ideas are always welcome and encouraged! Please contact the fundraising member of the parent board or the committee chair to suggest your ideas! 



Sponsorships may be obtained in several ways. ZEUS families can solicit advertising space from area merchants and service providers for display in our programs and on our site. ZEUS families may also place their own "ads" in the program and/or individual events or relays. We also solicit corporate sponsorships. 



We have plans to work with highly experienced grant writers to help us supplement the team costs and foster our team goals.





Use of Funds  


Because of our major annual fundraisers ZEUS is able to benefit both our team and also support an organization in the Connecticut area. The Swim-a-Thon helps provide a donation to the Connecticut Special Olympics from the money raised by our swimmers. We also use part of the money toward funding for our facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, record board and supplies needed for running the best possible swim team program and swim meets.   


In addition, the team will send our coaches to ASCA Clinics, subsidize all USA Sectional, USA Sectional, and USA Senior National participants, defray coaches' travel expenses, purchase supplies, sponsor parties and award banquets, certificates, and the ribbon awards. We are also looking into establishing a scholarship fund for our athletes in the future. We have to meet all the attending expenses which occur with running a successful team.