Virtual Distance

2017-2018 Winter "Virtual" Distance Challenge



Winter “Virtual” Distance Challenge

Indiana Swimming wants to identify the states top swimmers in long events, build the pipeline to national qualifiers and create “Pride” in IM & Distance Swimming!

How It Works:  From December 16th 2017 through January 10th 2018, any swimmer who swims the 1650 in a sanctioned or unsanctioned setting may send in their 1000 & 1650 and 400 IM times) to be ranked in the Virtual Distance Challenge. (Yes, times from USA Swimming Sanctioned invitational’s & intra squad type meets will both be accepted during this time period)

Events: The VDC will rank all participants and award the top finishers in the 1650 yard Freestyle, 1000 yard Freestyle and the 400 yard Ind. Medley by single age and gender.

*Participation is strictly voluntary and it is up to the individual coaches & clubs to choose whether to sanction these times or not. 

When: 1000/1650 Freestyle & 400 IM results may only be submitted between the dates of
December 16th 2017 through January 10th 2018.


  1. Download the Data Entry Spreadsheet from the ISI website.
  2. Schedule a date and time to race the events (secure ISI sanction if wishing for performances to be eligible for SWIMS database).
  3. Swim the events. 
  4. Complete Entry Spreadsheet.
  5. E-mail completed spreadsheets (Excel files) to Roch King at in the Indiana Swimming Office by 11:59 PM EST January 10, 2018.

Results will be compiled by Single Year Age and Gender. 

Ages:  All athletes between the ages of 7 and 18 with current USA-Swimming registration with the Indiana LSC at the time of the performance.

Entry Format:  To enter please submit all times and swimmer information on the attached Excel Spreadsheet (see below) so results can be easily compiled. *Incomplete spreadsheets or any alternative formats (text, pdf, word, etc.) will NOT be accepted.

Times:  Times from the Distance Challenge will not be entered into the SWIMS database as part of this event.  As well the Virtual Distance Challenge Results page will not be an acceptable proof to enter the Indiana Swimming Championship meets.  *All USA Swimming & Indiana Swimming requirements for sanctioned meets must be followed for times to be submitted into the SWIMS database.



  • To promote and build excitement and encourage “Pride” in Long IM & Distance Swimming in Indiana.
  • Offer increased splashes in events that are traditionally not offered or limited in Indiana Swimming sanctioned meets to provide valuable experience in racing skills & strategies.
  • Provide a unique, fun and easy experience that swimmers, coaches, and clubs can take part in a “Virtual” Mid-Season Incentive and gain bragging rights for their distance programs!

Results & Rankings:

Awards: The Top Finisher in each category will receive a Speedo Virtual Winter IM/Distance Champions T-Shirt. 

Questions: Please refer all questions to Roch King at

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