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NSC swimmers Whitney Brown, Lilly King, Christie Jensen, and Olivia Treski currently hold the National Record in the Female 200 Medley Relay for 16 - 18 year olds.

Prep Group

Prep Group is for young athletes who are interested in taking the next step towards competitive swimming. In Prep Group, swimmers work on technique for all four competitive strokes. NSC believes that having an early introduction to technique will greatly aid our young athletes as they continue swimming. 

Group Goals

It is both the staff and swimmer’s mission to achieve the following in this group:

  • Conducts proper streamline off every wall
  • Has correct head and body position in all four strokes
  • Kicks legally in all four strokes
  • Demonstrates competitive starts from the side or off the blocks
  • Sets the example to other teammates for good listening skills
  • Respects his/her coaches and teammates at all times
  • Remembers to have FUN at all times

Training Focus and Practice Duration

There are two groups in Prep: the Prep 1 Dolphins and the Prep 2 Sharks. Each group practices four days a week for one hour. The first 10 minutes is usually spent outside of the water doing some sort of land activity. The last 45 minutes of practice will be in the water working on the different goals for that day. At the end of every practice, we have a brief 1 minute practice breakdown and then dismiss the swimmers. Training focus is as follows:

You can find our Prep Group's practice days and times on our Competitive Team Calendar.  Both Prep 1 and Prep 2 swimmer are welcome to attend each practice offered to the Prep group. 

Entry Requirements

Prep 1 Dolphins

  • Freestyle with bilateral breathing and overwater arm recovery
  • Backstroke with overwater arm recovery
  • Flutter and dolphin kick with a board
  • Must know how to streamline
  • Must be able to circle swim

Prep 2 Sharks

  • 2 x 50 proper Freestyle @ 1:30
  • 2 x 50 proper Backstroke @ 2:00
  • Must perform legal kick in all four stokes
  • Can demonstrate freestyle flip-turn
  • Shows streamline off every wall

For further details about the requirements and expectations of Prep Group swimmers, please view the following links:

Prep 1 Athlete Standards and Expectations

Prep 2 Athlete Standards and Expectations

Equipment Requirements

  • Girls need to wear a one-piece swimsuit
  • Boys should wear jammers
  • Caps and goggles

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