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Green Group

NSC's Green Group - "Beginning the Journey"

Former Sea Creature and Olympian Bryce Hunt warms up with teammates Aaron Peirsol and Michael Phelps at the 2004 Athens Olympics


Most swimmers in this group are of elementary school age.  In Green group, athletes begin working in a structured training environment by integrating the skills and techniques taught in Prep. Athletes in this group are all about learning how to practice, listening to the coaches, and supporting each other. All of these objectives are met while maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Group Goals

It is both the staff and swimmer’s mission to achieve the following in this group:

  • Performs good technique for all strokes, starts, and turns
  • Effectively communicates with the coaches at practices and meets
  • Reads and understands sets written on paper
  • Comprehends training on intervals
  • Understands basic swimming terminology such as distance per stroke and building
  • Is a great teammate 

Training Focus and Practice Duration

Members of Green 1 and 2 can practice up to 5 times a week for 1.5 hours each practice. The swimmers spend the first 10 minutes of practice performing land-based activities intended to enhance each individual’s coordination, athleticism, and mobility. The last hour and twenty minutes of practice will be spent in the water to work on accomplishing goals set forth by the coaching staff. Our practices often follow the format below:

You can find our Green Group's practice days and times on our Competitive Team Calendar (Remember to filter for Green 1 or 2)

Entry Requirements

Green 1

  • Meets requirements of all groups below Green 1
  • Must have legal technique in all four competitive strokes
  • Consistently performs proper streamline, starts, turns, and finishes

Green 2

  • Meets requirements of all groups below Green 2
  • Must perform 4 kicks underwater off every wall with perfect streamline
  • Must be able to independently adhere to coach instruction

For further details about the requirements and expectations of Green Group swimmers, please click the following links:

Green 1 Athlete Standards and Expectations

Green 2 Athlete Standards and Expectations

Equipment Requirements

  • It is encouraged that all athletes have the following equipment ready at the beginning of practice:
    • ​Fins
    • Kickboard
    • Pull buoy

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