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NSC Competitive Team - "Where Dreams can become Reality"

Former Sea Creature, Lilly King, celebrates her gold medal victory in the Women's 100m Breaststroke at the Rio Olympics in 2016


Our Senior group consists of high school aged athletes that enjoy the sport of swimming and are interested in advancing their careers through a commitment to hard work, passion, and teamwork.

Group Goals

It is our mission for the young men and women in Senior to become selfless leaders and elite athletes in order to prepare them for their next step in life regardless of what career path they choose.

  • Practice personal and team accountability through attendance and attitude
  • Be a role model for all other swimmers on the team
  • Become a leader in the classroom and community

Training Focus and Practice Duration

Members in our Senior group will be expected to train all variations of intensity and technique throughout each practice. You can find our Senior group's practice days and times on our Competitive Team Calendar (Remember to filter for Senior!)

  • Typical practices are 2 hours and 15 minutes in duration with the first 15-30 minutes consisting of mobility based dry-land activities
  • Strength and conditioning through land based training is also implemented at this level
  • Weekly morning practices are offered on a regular basis.

Entry Requirements

Entry into the Senior group is determined in several ways. First, athletes must have the desire to train and think at the highest level at all times. In this group, the goal is for each individual to reach their true potential as an athlete, leader, and role model. Below you will find a few important expectations required of Senior members:

  • 100% practice attendance is desired
  • Is committed to the success of the Sea Creatures team and all of our swimmers
  • Has taken full responsibility for their actions both in and out of the pool
  • Acts as a mentor for all younger teammates and groups

Equipment Requirements

Training in this group uses many different types of equipment. Athletes are expected to have proper and functioning swimming gear at all times. Equipment is the responsibility of the athlete and should not get in the way of training.

  • Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Kickboard, Pull buoy, tempo trainer, water bottle


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