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NSC's White Group - "Steps Toward Greatness"

Former Sea Creature and US National team member Michael Klueh celebrates with his fellow Team USA members after winning gold at the World University Games


This is our high performance group for elementary aged children.  Swimmers in the White Group are training hard and maintaining good stroke technique under duress with the overall objective to become and remain top level swimmers in the state of Indiana and the Midwest.

Group Goals

The objective is for our White Group members to set the standard for athletes who are not yet training at their level. This means these athletes selected for the White Group are not chosen solely on swimming ability. Athletes in this group will be expected to act as leaders and role models of their peers by closely adhering to instructions and managing their emotions in a positive and productive way. Our hope for these athletes is that they will:

  • Become and stay top level swimmers in the state of Indiana
  • Push their teammates to do the same
  • Provide a positive example for other athletes
  • Practice personal and team accountability through attendance and attitude

Training Focus and Practice Duration

As athletes begin to increase their interest in high performance swimming their training must also increase. The White Group is focused on offering an opportunity for athletes who have developed their skills to a high level at a younger age to receive more intensity at practice. At this age, the training these swimmers receive can and will have long term positive effect on their overall aerobic capacity as well as form and strengthen proper habits. You can find our White Group's practice days and times on our Competitive Team Calendar. (Remember to filter for White!)

  • Practices focus on stroke technique, building an aerobic base, kicking and anaerobic training.
  • Typical practices are 2 hours and 15 minutes, with either the first or last 15-30 minutes consisting of mobility, range of motion or dry-land activities.

Entry Requirements

Entry into the White Group is determined in several ways. White Group members must show a level of commitment to training beyond that of other athletes their age.


  • A minimum of 80% practice attendance is required for all athletes in this group
  • Competes in appropriate level of championship meet as deemed by the head coach at the beginning of the season


  • Has the desire to lead his or her group during practices
  • Accepts constructive criticism and uses it to make positive changes

Role Model

  • Places the goals of the group before themselves
  • Sees challenges as the stepping stones to success

Equipment Requirements

Training in this group uses many different types of equipment. Athletes are expected to have proper and functioning swimming gear at all times. Equipment is the responsibility of the athlete and should not get in the way of training.

  • Fins, Snorkel, Kickboard, Pull buoy, Water bottle


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