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NSC Competitive Team - "Building Toughness"

The Sea Creatures Head Coach and former US National Team member, Aaron Opell, glances at his time while competing professionally in Porto, Portugal.


Swimmers in the Black Group are advancing the level of their training through continued stroke development and increased intensity. In this group athletes are encouraged to begin taking responsibility for their training. These individuals will also see a big jump in what is expected of them.

Group Goals

Black Group swimmers are aiming for continued improvement and advancing to higher levels of competition.

  • Achieve Divisional and State times
  • Practice personal and team accountability through attendance and attitude
  • Prepare for higher levels of achievement through increasingly intense training

Training Focus and Practice Duration

In order to be ready for increased training at the next levels, members in this group need to be aware of what it takes to be a truly elite athlete. Practices should be challenging on both a physical and mental level. The Black Group is focused around building a solid aerobic base and developing the skills needed to advance to Senior Elite. You can find our Black Group's practice days and times on our Competitive Team Calendar. (Remember to filter for Black Group!)

  • Practices focus on stroke technique, building an aerobic and anaerobic base through pace training and  intense kicking
  • Typical practices are 2 hours and 15 minutes, with either the first or last 15-30 minutes consisting of mobility based dry-land activities

Entry Requirements

Entry into the Black Group is determined in several ways. First, athletes must have the desire to train at higher levels. In this group, the primary focus is on the process. The following are some of the factors which go into being a part for the Black Group and are also pieces to the process of achievement.

  • At least 80% practice attendance is desired
  • Has taken some responsibility for their training
  • Sees constructive criticism as a way to make improvements

Equipment Requirements

Training in this group uses many different types of equipment. Athletes are expected to have proper and functioning swimming gear at all times. Equipment is the responsibility of the athlete and should not get in the way of training. 

  • Fins, Paddles, Snorkel, Kickboard, Pull buoy, Water bottle


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