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Frequently Asked Questions

When are my lesson fees due?

All lesson charges will be deducted from the account you place on file at registration on the 1st of each month. If at anytime you update your credit card or bank information please revise the information under your account/billing tab. 

Can I watch lessons?

Yes! We will be asking you to watch your child and evaluate their instructor periodically during the session.

  • Parents of pre-schoolers are welcome to come on deck and observe lessons.
  • Parents of school-age children are asked to sit in the upstairs gallery during lesson time.

How is the water temperature?

The water in the Castle pool is cool. Girls will be more comfortable in a one-piece suit. Some children will be more comfortable wearing a child's wetsuit or a shirt designed to be worn in the water. We have some available for purchase. Please contact Allissa Keoughan if you have any questions.

What other equipment will my child need?

We recommend goggles for everyone. In general, you will be happier with the goggles sold at a sporting goods store than the goggles you can find at  Wal-Mart. The "Relay" goggle by Speedo is an excellent goggle for children and is easy to adjust.

Do you have locker rooms or changing facilities?

All Newburgh Sea Creature program participants are welcome to use the locker rooms. The locker rooms are located down the main hall off the left of the lobby entrance. The signage in the hallways says "Restrooms".

Nothing can be left in the lockers overnight.

Unfortunately, family changing facilities are not available and there is very limited privacy in the locker rooms. We must ask that parents of children older than 3 either bring their children dressed and ready to swim, use the restroom facilities to change, or allow their older children to use the proper locker room for their gender.