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Please note that USA Swimming memberships are only valid for ONE calendar year.  Non-athletes, Year round athletes, and club memberships all expire at the end of each calendar year.  Seasonal memberships are valid for about 4 months, typically from early April through late August of each year. Because the calendar year and the fiscal year overlap by 4 months, renewals of any Year-Round memberships may take place as early as September 1 and be valid for the next membership year (which will end on December 31 of the following calendar year). After August 31st of each year, we can no longer accept memberships from the previous registration year. Please use only the latest (most recently dated) forms (found below) and discard any old ones.

Club Registrars / Membership Forms


Assisting a Coach-rule clarification [.pdf] (4-2014)

Registrar Contact [.doc] (.pdf | 9.1.2017)

Registration Checklist (.pdf | 9.1.2017)

2018 Registration Fees (.pdf | 7.10.2017)

2019 Registration Fees (.pdf | 4.23.2018)

2018 Transmittal of Funds Form (PDF- DOC)

Club Membership Application


Team Manager Registration e-Lesson through Hy-Tek 7.0

Athlete | Non Athlete registrations/applications

The following forms are now available for the 2018 registration year. At this time all registrations received will be processes on or after September 1, 2017 (the start of the 2018 membership year).

120 Day USA-S Registration Rule

School USA-S Registration Rule

Form: Notification of Membership in USA-Swimming

2018 Outreach Athlete Fee Waiver (PDF- DOC)

2018 Outreach Athlete (year-round) Registration Application (PDF - DOC)

2018 Athlete Transfer Form (PDFDOC)

2018 Athlete (year-round) Membership Application (PDF - DOC)

Open Water Single Meet Athlete App (currently disabled)

Athletes are Considered Registered When... (updated 9/1/2015)

Tryout Issues and Considerations (updated 6/16/2015)

New Club Requirement Checklist (v.2014-6-15)

New Requirement: Club Leadership and Business Management School

Pre-Employment Screening

Insurance Certificates

Report of Occurrence
This links to instructions, with further links to the online form on the USA Swimming website. After the form is submitted, the submitter will receive an email confirmation that details the information that was reported. YOU NEED TO FORWARD A COPY OF THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL/REPORT YOU RECEIVE FROM USA SWIMMING TO THE MN SWIMMING MEMBER SERVICES COORDINATOR ( AND WE WILL, IN TURN, FORWARD TO OPERATIONAL RISK/SAFETY COORDINATOR.

Payment by Electronic ACH  - FAQ's

Club Resources

Free Athlete Protection Training for Parents

State Record Application