2016-17 LETTER

Dear Coaches,

Minnesota Swimming's meet schedule continues to evolve, based on YOUR input. 
The more open format we now use is intended to let clubs  customize their meet schedule to meet the needs of their athletes, rather than force their athletes and families into a structured schedule dictated by the LSC.

We encourage you to take advantage of the flexibility in the schedule, and plan your season with the types of meets that benefit your swimmers.

If you are bidding to host a meet, please consider how to make it more fun and workable for everyone involved: have a team competition, a seniors only, a pentathlon challenge, prelims and finals... or a more traditional times standard meet. What works best for you? 

This system requires planning, communication, and collaboration with other clubs and coaches. Be proactive NOW in talking to clubs about entering meets and having them enter yours.








Meet Hosts

You should be talking to teams about your proposed format and plan; get pool; plan meet; set fees, prepare your bid. Begin to network with officials.

Place bid online by October 31, 8 PM

Talk with clubs you intend to invite; be welcoming of others coming to you and plan your meet based on size estimates with clubs.
Be honest with clubs that come to you to discuss entries.

Attending Clubs

Approach clubs you know to begin discussions

If you don’t know other coaches, find out who is in your area. 

Review meets being bid online and start talking to bidding coaches. Talk to coach reps if you need help.

Continue conversations with clubs who have approved meets.

Talk to clubs in your area about forming a conference, or creating pop up meets (duals, tri-, quad).

Your meet schedule should be set by having agreements with host clubs that you will be attending their meet(s).

Continue conversations. Check with clubs to see if there are any changes in their expectations or requirements.

Stay connected and aware.

As meets open, be aware of the exact time they start to accept entries, so you don’t miss your opportunity!

Again, we encourage you to take advantage of the freedom to create innovative formats and the opportunity to run meets that are a better experience for your athletes and their families, coaches, officials and your volunteers …and make swimming the #funnest sport!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Dan Berve. Chair
Technical Committee Chair