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Storm Coach Emma Lawrenz Receives Core Values in Action Recognition for Excellence!

Nomination submitted by swim parent Mike of the South Metro Storm swim team…

"Our son (Tyler) is a 13-year old swimmer for Storm and was competing at a meeting in Rochester back in July. Tyler has asthma and during his 100-meter breaststroke race he came off his turn and stood right up gasping for air; he immediately went to the wall to try and catch his breath. Storm’s Coach Emma Lawrenz noticed what was happening and immediately went over to check on Tyler. She made sure he had his inhaler and calmed him down. I didn’t know this at the time, but Coach Emma had asthma. Tyler was shaken from what had just happened and wanted to call it quits for the day. Coach Emma pulled him aside and shared her own asthma stories with him. She instilled confidence that he can overcome this and that she will support him 100 percent. She told him once he caught his breath, and had calmed down, that she wanted him to swim his last race of the day. Coach Emma told him time didn’t matter, but what mattered was conquering the fear he just faced. She said, 'I will be with you each stroke of your race.' And Tyler agreed to give it a shot. 

As parents it was amazing to see a coach take that interest in helping out your child. She walked him to the start, gave him the thumbs up and walked every stroke of the race with him. He surprised himself swimming—even winning his heat. Coach Emma’s dedication and commitment is something Tyler and we, as his parents, truly appreciate. 

Coach Emma’s words of encouragement and support is why I wanted to share this great news story. We truly value her actions that day! Her actions exemplify the core values we should be proud of with Minnesota Swimming."  

Congratulations Coach Emma Lawrenz for a well-deserved Core Values in Action Recognition for Excellence!


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I am currently a member of FASTJETS swim team. I first began swimming when I was six months old. My dad brought me to the community pool and I took to the water like a fish. Since then, swimming has shaped me into not only a better athlete but also a better person. By writing Core Values stories I hope to convey the impact this sport can have on people’s lives, in and out of the pool―just like it did for my own. 

I started swimming because my parents and grandpa have coached forever; there was no doubt that I would join the sport too, which I did at age 5 for the Sea Devils. Swimming to me is something my life revolves around, I love how it is just you and the clock, and that you, alone, are responsible for the outcome of your races. I am writing about swimming because over the years I have seen so many amazing things happen and now I get the chance to share them with the community. 

I started swimming when I was 12 (after I quit diving). I swam on Minnetonka HS’s swim and dive team, and also write for the newspaper. I'm writing about swimming because it's a big impact in my life, and in my opinion is one of the greatest sports out there.  I have been swimming for 7 years and for the Minnetonka Swim Club for almost 5 years. I moved here in 6th grade and under the program I flourished into an entirely different athlete. I have endured my fair share of obstacles within my career, but my love for this sport helps me bounce back every time.  Swimming is so beautiful; the speed, the agility, the technique…I put every ounce that I have into this sport to get that big smile at the end of the season. I LOVE working with Minnesota Swimming; it gives me a chance to connect with other athletes and express my passion for swimming, in new ways. 

I have been swimming for nine years and currently swim for Aquajets. Working with MnSwim has given me a place to connect with others who share my love and passion for the sport. I am beyond excited to be a correspondent for MnSwim and to be able to share with the rest of the swimming community the stories that show why we all swim. 





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