The required equipment is posted below. For squads that have more than one piece of required equipment we suggest also purchasing a mesh drawstring bag to help keep the equipment together. 

We strongly suggest labeling each piece of your child's equipment. Writing their name on them in permanent marker is one way to do so, but it isn't always the most visible. A great way to identify your child's equipment while also allowing them to personalize it, is to have them decorate their equipment. Colored duct tape works well, as does puffy paint. We do ask that you do NOT use anything with glitter in it because the glitter comes off very easily. 

Please see the Starting Block here in our facility or at their west side location to purchase these items.

White Squad: Snorkel, Fins, Equipment Bag, Water bottle

Red Squads: Snorkel, Fins, Equipment bag, water bottle

Black Squad: Snorkel, Fins, equipment bag, water bottle

Challenge Squad: Snorkel, Fins, Paddles, equimpment bag, water bottle

Senior  Squad: Snorkel, Fins, Paddles, equipment bag, water bottle

National Prep Squad: Snorkel, Fins, Paddles, Pull Buoy, equipment bag, water bottle

National Squad: Snorkel, Fins, Paddles (Regular & Agility), Pull Buoy, equipment bag, water bottle


WSC Team Apparel: Fall Order (to come soon)

Order Form: PDF (click here)



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