Crisis Communication



MISSION STATEMENT OKS: To develop excellence, character, and growth in swimming for all.

VISION STATEMENT OKS: To advance our core values of selflessness, excellence, leadership, integrity, inclusion, and development by increasing competitive swimming opportunities and developing relationships that promote excellence and growth.



This policy shall be implemented when any incident requires communication with the public on behalf of Oklahoma Swimming. Only the individuals listed in this policy and acting within the scope and procedure below are authorized to make any statements. All other individuals shall refer the media to the General Chair.

1)    Crisis Communication Team:

a)     1st Team

i)      General Chair

ii)    USA Swimming Legal Counsel

iii)   USA Swimming (Club Development Representative and if needed Director of Communications & PR)

b)    Back-Ups:

i)      Administrative Vice Chair

ii)    USA Swimming Back-up Legal Counsel

c)     Situational-General Chair may include other individuals/specialists as appropriate for the given situation

2)    Stakeholders to be notified:

a)     Board of Directors – contact emails and phone numbers through OKS website

b)    Clubs – contact emails and phone numbers through OKS website

c)     Coaches –contact emails through OKS website

d)    OKS Membership – use OKS website

e)     Media/Public – contact local newspaper and television networks as appropriate

3)    Process:

a)     General Chair gathers and confirms all the information from relevant sources

i)      Determine what happened, when, and where

ii)    Determine who is affected

iii)   Identify the cause

iv)   Determine reaction to the incident and possible repercussions

v)    Determine when there will be more information/update

vi)   General Chair convenes Crisis Communication Team via conference call. The team will be alerted by phone call to the home number and cell number.

b)    Team determines the appropriate response to the crisis and develops plan and timetable

i)      Determine what needs to be done and when it needs to be done

ii)    Determine what to say, who will say it, to whom it will be said, when it will be said, and by what means it will be said, as well as determining whether to take a proactive or reactive approach

iii)   Spokesperson makes any necessary statements to news media, membership, or others as appropriate.

iv)   Team monitors situation and reacts accordingly.

4)    Spokespersons informs appropriate stakeholders of the situation and response

a)     Description/background of the situation and the response are communicated to stakeholders by established timetable

b)    Stakeholders are given contact information for the Spokesperson as well as other contact information that may apply in the situation

c)     Spokesperson makes any necessary public statements to news media, direct meetings of the membership, or others as appropriate.


General Chair

Denis Mink


Admin Vice Chair

Scott Eudey


Age Group Vice Chair

Ali Baker


Senior Vice Chair

Chad Englehardt


Finance Vice Chair

Michele Brown



Jennifer Salcher


Coaches Rep

Lynne Gorman


USA Swimming General Counsel

Lucinda McRoberts


USA Swimming - Manager, Central Zone Team Performance & Business Operations

Jay Chambers