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Ave age 8 & under swimmers.  These swimmers may have some previous swim team experience or are returning swimmers from the previous year.  The have decided that they really love swimming and that they want to pursue more levels of competitive swimming.  They have a general competency level in all four strokes and starts, and they attend meets regularly.  Focus on kicking, streamline, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke kick, and butterfly progression. Swimmers who have advanced through Level 7 of the Swim America Lesson program who can maintain attention for 60+ minutes are generally ready for this group. Most meets are in the Dayton and surrounding areas. This group is offered 5 practice times per week. Swimmers in this group are recommended to attend 75% or more of the offered practices and attend most of the recommended swim meets.   

Please review the Practice schedule (found under the "Swim Team" menu) and the Equipment Checklist (found under the "Athlete Info" menu)

General Qualifications to join the White Group

Below are general skills we look for children to have when entering the swim team.  Swimmers who have advanced through Level 7 of the Swim America Lesson program are generally ready for this group.  

  • Somersaults forward and backward
  • Rollover Front/Back and Back/Front
  • Float prone on surface face down with (1) arms at side and (2) both arms extended
  • Swim Freestyle 25 yards (rotary breathing)
  • Swim on back 25 yards
  • Tread water (1 minute)
  • Sitting dive
  • Butterfly arms - simultaneously move arms in butterfly pattern
  • Kick butterfly with board
  • Attention span up to 60 continuous minutes in a group setting

General Information

USA-Swimming IMR/IMX Program - For those swimmers that wish to compete in swim meets, swimmers should focus on entering the events within the IMR and IMX event lineup below over the course of each season.  This will ensure you obtain a score based on power points that you can follow on the USA-Swimming website or on your Deck Pass Account

  • USA Swimming’s “I am Ready” (IMR) events (1-3 years of experience)
    -- 10un: 100Fr, 50Bk, 50Br, 50Fly, 100IM
    -- 11-12: 200Fr, 50Bk, 50Br, 50Fly, 100IM
    -- 13up: 200Fr, 100Bk, 100Br, 100Fly, 200IM
  • USA Swimming’s “I am Extreme” (IMX) events (3+ years of experience)
    -- 10un: 200Fr, 100Bk, 100Br, 100Fly, 200IM
    -- 11-12: 500Fr, 100Bk, 100Br, 100Fly, 200IM
    -- 13up: 500Fr, 200Bk, 200Br, 200Fly, 200IM, 400IM