Senior Class

Dayton Raiders Senior Class Homepage

Click on the links to the seniors personal highlight page.  SENIORS! Please fill out the Senior Bio sheet at the beginning of the season; then send updates, corrections, additions to [email protected].

All Raiders should begin planning for college their freshman or sophomore year.  The head coach will guide you every step of the way. Please visit the Raider College Planning section to get you started.

Class of 2021


High School


Julia Quinn


Florida Atlantic

Matt Brunski

Vandali Butler

U of Cincinnati

Wes Schauer


West V

Sophia McCarty


Boston University

Zoe Barclay


Denison University

Kiersten Harmon


Grand Valley State University

Taylor Crouch


Ohio State

Class of 2020

Kate Lair Alter Xavier University
Namie Edge Beavercreek Bowling Green State University
Owen Conley Waynesville The Ohio State University
Ian Leighninger Beavercreek Wingate University
Mason Wilkinson Centerville Undetermined
Michael Griffith Troy Hanover College
Jean Pierre Khouzam St. Xavier The Ohio State University
Nathan Holty Beavercreek The Ohio State University
Pierce Katai Miami Valley School Case Western
Mason Kennedy Beavercreek New Paltz
Jason Allen Beavercreek University of Cincinnati

Class of 2019

Samantha Auditore Oakwood Washington University in St. Louis
Lauren Crowe Centerville Notre Dame
Kayla Effinger Springboro Bellarmine
Alan Flower Centerville Bucknell
Isabella Gable Arcanum University of Tennessee
Adam Johnson Bellbrook Bowling Green
Katrina Kanzari East Dayton Christian Wilmington College
John Paul Khouzam St. Xavier HS (Cincinnati) Notre Dame
Luke Lehman Carroll University of Houston
Kevin Leibold Alter University of Cincinnati
Brandon Moore Bethel High School Wright State
Aleia Olson Oakwood University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Liz Quarin Centerville Michigan State
Michael Sandner Springboro High West Virginia
Abby Schauer Beavercreek Ohio Northern
Andre Sonntag Beavercreek Wright State
Emily Sullivan Carroll University of Illinois-Chicago
Pruitt Walther Centerville Michigan State
Jorge Zelina Chaminade Julienne University of Dayton

Class of 2018

Maggie Berning Kettering-Fairmont Ohio University
Joe Pohlmann Beavercreek Ohio State University
Cole Huggard Bellbrook University of the Cumberlands
Connor Blatt Carroll HS Eastern Michigan
Nicholas Perera St. Xavier HS (Cincinnati) Alabama
Madeline Kenyon Oakwood Ohio University
Isabella All Oakwood Arizona State University

Class of 2017 - Swim Swam Article

Arielle Arnett Tipp City Oakland University
Sarah Sperber Beavercreek Ohio State University
Marie Docken Kettering United States Military Academy
Olivia Chick Yellow Springs Michigan State University
Eric Knowles Beavercreek (Xenia Christian HS) North Carolina State
Dutch Kipp Oakwood Rose Hulman
Grace Seibert Springfield Shawnee HS University of Cincinnati
Dominic Harry Dayton (Carroll HS) Ohio State University
Nathan Mitchell Centerville (Miami Valley School) Tufts
Kathleen Mulligan Oakwood  Florida Atlantic University
Mira Rhodes Oakwood  Nebraska
Josh Rine Beavercreek  New York University
John Spencer Springfield  Denison

Class of 2016

Tommy Cope Vandalia-Butler  University of Michigan
Madelyn Shaffer Springfield  University of Pittsburg
Dylan Curtis Centerville  Cornell University
Evan Stapp Tipp City  Ohio State University




Cassidy Fry                        Oakwood                           Florida Gulf Coast University

Class of 2015

Shelly Zelnick Troy High School Tulane University
Morgan Massie Carroll High School Cleveland State
Anna Lynch Oakwood High School Marshall University
Maddie Schaffer Wilmington High School Marshall University
Jackson Higgins Oakwood High School Purdue University
Hannah Smith Beavercreek High School University of Akron
Katie Sickinger Oakwood High School Miami (FL) University
Nathaniel Lowry Centerville High School Ohio State University
Trevor Monger Carroll High School Wright State University
Noel Kipp Oakwood High School Undecided









Class of 2014


Kristian Berning

Kettering Fairmont HS

Eastern Michigan

Chandler Lefever

Xenia Christian HS

Olivet Nazarene

Caroline Lynch

Oakwood High School


Alexandra Mayhew

Oakwood High School

Florida International University

Lydia Pocisk

Oakwood High School

University of Kansas

Henrik Pohlmann

Beavercreek High School



Wending Zhu

Oakwood High School

Washington University @ St. Louis

Class of 2013

Megan Carlson

Xenia High School

South Carolina

Andrew Cole

Xenia High School

University of Buffalo

Malique Elder

Meadowdale High School


Clifford Goertemiller

Oakwood High School


Marissa Lehman

Carroll High School

University of Houston

Gretchen Pocisk

Oakwood High School

University of Kansas

Marisa Pulaski

Centerville High School

University of Buffalo

Joshua Quallen

Wilmington High School

University of Louisville

Micah Rhodes

Oakwood High School

DePauw University

Class of 2012




High School


Nicholle Fiore

Northridge High School


Erika Chick

Yellow Springs High School

Cornell University

Anna Weisman

Miamisburg High School

University of Toledo

Bret Mackenzie

Tippecanoe High School

University of Louisville

Steffen Listerman

Beavercreek High School

Wright State University

Jack Pohlmann

Beavercreek High School


Devin Shanahan

Vandalia Butler High School


Colin Kanzari

Beavercreek High School

United States Military Academy at West Point

Serena Daley

Bishop Fenwick


Laura Holty

Beavercreek High School


Sam Mitchell

Centerville High School


Katie Czachor

Centerville High School

Wright State University

Jay Hickey

Centerville High School

West Virginia

Buck Powell

Oakwood High School



Class of 2009

Athlete High School College/University
Erich Snyder Carroll Undecided
Brittany Sussman Northmont University of Cincinnati, OH
Cari Martin Beavercreek Denison University, OH
Dakota Fulton Troy Undecided
Haley Pohlman Oakwood Xavier University, OH
Aaron Buchanan Beavercreek Purdue, IN
Sarah Andrews Centerville

Clemson University, SC

Brent Turner Oakwood University of Cincinnati, OH
Justin Gracey Northmont Undecided
Andrew Abeysinghe Beavercreek Clemson University, SC
Taylor Garber Stebbins Miami University, OH
Rebecca Rougier Chaminade-Julienne Undecided
Makenzie Weldon Beavercreek Wright State University, OH
Alena Regelski Miamisburg University of Cincinnati, OH

Class of 2008

Athlete High School College/University
Brent Hitchcock Springfield Catholic

University of Southern California

Brad Chambers Centerville Ohio State University
Sara Castilano Centerville University of Toledo
Chase Doman Oakwood West Virginia University
Erin Fawley Xenia Ohio State University
Kirstin Mowry Centerville Ohio Wesleyan University
Nick Alt Miamisburg Miami University
Sam Bond Wayne Wright State University

Class of 2007

Athlete High School College/University
Aziz Al-Shatti Carroll   
Nicole Birchmeier Miamisburg Ashland University, OH
Laurie Caudy Miamisburg University of Cincinnati, OH
Chris Douville Alter Notre Dame, IN
Lindsay Evans Vandalia-Butler University, Indianapolis, IN
Naomi Knoblach Beavercreek Australia
Haoran Liu Beavercreek University of North Carolina, NC
Erin Mullins Chaminade-Julienne University of Cincinnati, OH
Betsy Scarberry Fairborn United States Air Force Academy, CO
Sean Shannon Dayton Christian Western Kentucky, KY
Emily Simpson Beavercreek Ohio State University, OH
Guile Siqueria Beavercreek  
Carly Stepp Beavercreek Wright State University, OH
Adam Stutz Beavercreek United States Air Force Academy, CO
Class of 2006
Athlete High School College/University
Katie Koehler Springfield Catholic Wright State University, OH
Krissy Roach Centerville Eastern Michigan University, MI
Kenny Stiles Vandalia-Butler Sinclair Community College, OH
Pamela Zelnick Troy Rice University, TX
Class of 2005
Athlete High School College/University
Jonathan Buchanan Beavercreek University of Pittsburgh, PA
Jessica Fuller Troy Wright State University, OH
Amanda Freed Stivers Syracuse University, NY
Allyson Kiracofe Centerville Western Kentucky, KY
Amanda Laneve Centerville Bowling Green State University, OH
Nikki Martinez Alter University of Cincinnati, OH
David Scarberry Fairborn U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, NY
Alissa Schriner Centerville Xavier University, OH
Class of 2004
Athlete High School College/University
Katie Altynova Beavercreek Swarthmore College, PA
Erin Bader Springfield North Ohio State University, OH
Andrew Bergren Beavercreek Clemson University, SC
Brittany Byrd Vandalia-Butler Illinois State University, IL
Chris Jelus Beavercreek Purdue University, IN
John Koehler Springfield Catholic Indiana University, IN
Chelsea Perkins Centerville University of Toledo, ON
Olivia Rimas Vandalia-Butler Ball State, IN
Kaitlin Roach Centerville University of Michigan, MI
Class of 2003
Athlete High School College/University
Tricia Beckmann Alter St. Louis University, MO
Michele Burckle Centerville University of Kentucky, KY
Erik Dingledine Bellbrook Ohio State University, OH
Zachary Freed Stivers University of Rochester, NY
Jason Piercey Fairborn Eastern Michigan University, MI
Julie Schriner Centerville Ohio University, OH
Clarissa Wentworth Beavercreek Indiana University, IN
Kerry Whitson Centerville North Carolina State, NC
Class of 2002 - Senior Poem
Athlete High School College/University
Meredith Weller Centerville Ohio University, OH
Greg Middleton Centerville Clemson University, SC
Samantha Wright Dayton Christian University of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
Lindsey Zembower Centerville University of Toledo, OH
Class of 2001
Athlete High School College/University
Jason Peters Stebbins Miami University, OH
David Hughes Beavercreek Purdue University, IN
John Grubb Centerville Miami University, OH
Nicholas Douville Alter University of Michigan, MI
Angie Byrd Vandalia Butler University of Akron, OH
Stephanie Cline Springfield Catholic  
Class of 2000
Athlete High School College/University
Katie Jelus Beavercreek University of Connecticut
Nicole Kinzeler Alter Whittenburg University, OH
Janine Grover Centerville University of Toledo, OH
Jenny Jenkins Beavercreek College of Wooster, OH
Ashley Teusink Beavercreek College of Charleston, SC
Jimmy Bowen Springfield Catholic University of Cincinnati, OH
David Cheung Beavercreek University of Cincinnati, OH
Liz Hines Springfield Catholic  
Jennifer Kline Middletown Fenwick Xavier University, OH