Volunteer Point Policy

Dayton Raider Volunteer Point Policy

Effective:  Short Course 2019-2020 Season


Overview:  “It takes a village…” is an understatement.  As one of the few teams in the country to OWN our own facility, the Dayton Raider Swim Team needs the help of ALL members to be successful.  Our success depends on the successful administration/management of our team, the condition of our facility, our ability to host successful meets, our participation in away meets, our ability to maintain excellence in coaching, the physical and mental condition of our swimmers and more.  

Goals:  Our main goal in revamping the volunteer point system is SIMPLIFICATION.  The point requirement will be 300 volunteer points in short course and 100 in long course (Exception of FIRST YEAR only Red/White Group families (150 points) and Dayton Raider Swim Academy transfers (0 points).

Volunteer points will be a per family obligation.  It does not matter how many kids you have or in what group your child participates.  Every family uses the facility, benefits from the coaching, participates in activities, outings and meets and only has 1 or 2 adults performing these volunteer duties.  We would not like to split hairs and try to equate volunteer requirements with number of practices or group level.  


  • Members are obligated to report all volunteer efforts via the Google form on the Volunteer Point Reporting Form page found HERE. Committee chairs, coordinators, board members, coaches or group contacts do not report points on behalf of families. Member is fully responsible for reporting their efforts.

  • Obligations based on most advanced group registration within each family.

  • Short Course Obligations:  All group member families are obligated to 300 for the season (50/month for the months of Sept. thru Feb. for pro-rating) except first year only Red and White group families are obligated to 150 for the season (25 per month for pro-rating). Volunteer point obligation is totally waived for first year transfers from Dayton Raiders Swim Academy.

  • Long Course Obligations:   All group member families are obligated to 100 for the season (25/month for the months of April thru July for pro-rating) except first year only Red and White group familes are obligated to 50 for the season (12.5 per month for pro-rating). Volunteer point obligation is totally waived for first year transfers from Dayton Raiders Swim Academy.

  • Obligations will be pro-rated based on month joined/left.  

  • If a family needs to contact the Volunteer Point Coordinator they can e-mail [email protected].

  • There will be no point carry over from season to season.  Every season the points will reset to zero.  

  • Once points are reached for the season, tracking by Raider Volunteer Point Coordinator will cease.  No need to report any more points worked, although volunteering above and beyond is always encouraged and appreciated!

  • Point donation is permitted.  If you come upon a hardship during the course of the season, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow Raiders or to the Volunteer Point Coordinator for donation assistance!  

  • A fee equating to $1 per point will be assessed on March 1 for Short Course and July 1 for Long Course for any unearned volunteer points.

Point Opportunities:

  • USA Official: Full season points

Must officiate at 4 sessions during short course to meet the short course obligations.  Must officiate at 2 sessions during long course to meet the long course obligations.  ALL sessions DO count towards your Volunteer Points obligation as well as your requirement for working if your swimmer is registered in the meet. This is the only meet job that counts towards both obligations. *hint, hint - incentive to become a USA Official!

  • USA Volunteer Lifeguard:  Full season points

 Become a certified lifeguard for the Raiders.  Raiders will pay for your certification class.  You job will be to be on call when DRAC is in need of a        lifeguard. Lifeguarding hours are unpaid.  Must lifeguard at least 5 hours to receive  full season points.

  • Board Member/Committee Chair/Group Contact:  Full season points

Partial season commitment will result in pro-rated points. Our current positions in this category are as follows...

Raider Board Member, Facility Board Member

Group Contact

Fundraising Committee Chair

Spiritwear Committee Chair

Social Media Committee Chair

Equipment Coordinator

Volunteer Point Coordinator

  • Committee Member:  Varies by committee

Work with your Committee Chair to understand what points you will be earning for your committee work. Partial season will result in pro-rated points.

  • Travel Team Chaperone:  150 points

Travel with a the team to an away meet as a chaperone. Chaperones supervise the swimmers, drive the transportation, organize the meals, pick up snacks and drinks, manage the schedule and any other odds and ends that arise. Chaperones receive free trip lodging, food and meet entry.

  • Extra Home Meet Session: 50 points

No points will be awarded for home meet family obligation (2 per family for fall, 3 per family for winter if swimmer is entered in meet), however, every additional home meet session worked will be worth 50 points.

  • Home Meet Hospitality Food and Monetary Donations:  5-25 points for food, 1 point per $1 donated.

  • Away Meet Session:  50 points per session

  • DRAC High School Meet Session:  50 points per session

  • DRAC Housekeeping/Maintenance/General Needs: Approximately 25

points per hour, click HERE for a list of tasks/job around the facility open for

volunteer points.

  • Activity/Banquet/Event Worker:  25 points per hour

  • Misc. Positions:  Partial season will result in pro-rated points.

    • Bulletin Board – Hourly, 25 points per hour.

    • Travel Coordinator – 100 points per season.

  • Create Your Own Job!:  If you see a need, please don’t hesitate to step up and volunteer!  Contact the a Dayton Raider Board member to determine how many points your idea is worth.