Team Involvement Overview

The continued success of the Dayton Raiders Swim Club relies on the voluntary contributions of both time and talent of our membership.  Without volunteers both team operation of the team and conducting meets is not financially practical.  Families are needed to participate in the first two programs below (volunteer points and home meet workers if entering home meets) and encouraged to participate in fundraising and becoming swim officials.  These shared programs allow us to financially support a top-rated coaching staff, lease practice facilities, and establish a training environment so that our coaches can work their magic and our swimmers receive the best instruction found anywhere.  We feel you will find these programs to be well-organized and necessary to operate a great program like the Dayton Raiders. We are always looking for ways to improve these programs, so after you ‘get your feet wet’, let us know your ideas so we can continue building the foundation for better athletes.

The first 3 programs listed have “buy out” costs associated with them if you choose not to participate, but the intent is not to charge fees. The intent is to keep the numerous functions of the program at easy and manageable level s for you, the families, and your coaching staff.

1. Volunteer Points

To avoid the "80/20" trap, where 20% of the team does 80% of the work, we have setup a volunteer point system that awards points for small volunteer tasks throughout the year.  This system allows our program to remain functionally strong and ensures that no family ever feels overly burdened or pressured to participate in team operations. Click on the Volunteer Points link to learn more.

2. Home Meet Workers

In order to run quality home meets, we require all families of swimmers who enter a home meet to volunteer for "session" jobs as part of each families obligations as members of the Dayton Raiders.  Click on the Home Meet Workers link to view requirements by Raider families at home meets

3. Fundraising

The Dayton Raider fee structure is composed of a monthly fee and a fundraising component.  In real terms, the sum of the monthly fee and fundraising together is the proportional cost required to operate the team (i.e. each swimmers real cost).  We have assigned part of the real cost to be labeled as a fundraising fee so that members will have opportunities to earn money that can reduce the monthly out of pocket costs of your families real cost.  Raider families have the option of just paying this commitment in cash or participating in the many fundraising opportunities.  Participating in fundraising activities is optional.  However, once you see how easy some of our Fundraising activities are, you will certainly want to participate.  Click on theFundraising link to learn about all of the fundraising programs throughout the year.  Any monies earned above and beyond the fundraising fee will be directly deducted from your overall swim bill, so none of your fundraising efforts will be in vain.

4. Officials

The rules of swimming are intended to provide a fair and equitable conditions for athletes to compete. Officials have the responsibility to ensure the rules are upheld at all competitions.  USA Swimming Officials in the Dayton Region are made up entirely of volunteers.  USA Swimming has a well-run program to teach and train volunteers to handle these responsibilities; the USA Officials Homepage is on the USA Swimmingwebsite.  To become an official contact the Dayton Raiders Officials Coordinator, listed under the Board menu.  As an incentive, Dayton Raiders offer officials a FULL season worth of Volunteer Points for officiating at 4 meet sessions during short course and 2 meet sessions during long course.  This also happens to be the number of sessions required to renew your status as an active official!