Senior Groups


SR 1 ( Elite )....SR 2 ( High Performance).....SR 3 ( High Performance Prep )

SR 4 ( Sprint Peformance )......SR Fit ( High School Prep )


Our Senior swim program is structured to produce outstanding swimmers and young leaders through intensified training and competition at the state, national and International level.  Senior Level swimmers by definition comprise the most dedicated and skilled swimmers on our club. They are an elite training group!   As an elite group, senior swimmers will need to maintain a rigorous training schedule. This schedule will allow them to reach new physiological and psychological levels that will become a departure point for the grey area of success. Only those swimmers willing to embrace the following practice standards should register for the Senior groups. This is a commitment not a convenience by any means!  The following standard applies throughout the year, fall through summer. Participation in a full meet schedule is required.  The ultimate goal for the athletes in either of the groups is to move to the challenging or faster cycles in their group, not necessarily to move to a different group.  Learn to lead by example and learn to lead your training lane.

Our [ 5 ]  Senior programs are designed to "eventually" transition from one group to the next during their age group swimming career. There can be a  multitude of components that each athlete will need to master before advancement, such as, development of  the  most efficient  techniques, aerobic enhancement,  physical and mental development, proper goal setting practice, "train ability", etc. , etc,, , d,

Senior 1 (Elite)- Consist of kids that are 15+, have sectional cuts and, along with their families, are 100% committed to the team goal/focus for the season.  Commitment of 8 water (2 A.M.) and 2 dry land (AM) practice per week. The coaching staff is aware that some training weeks may present unforeseen attendance difficulties. This practice schedule is very challenging, but doable for the athlete who has clearly defined goals, high aspirations, good time management skills and a willingness to give up a lot to pursue their dreams & goals.  As well as providing the most comprehensive training program available to us, it can only be achieved with the development of  a cohesive training group.  We have shown in the past that in order to achieve International, National or State standards, everyone plays a "vital" contribution to the overall success.   Athletes in this group need to be more equipped to handle longer water sessions/sets.

Senior 2 ( High Performance )- Defined by the same standards as the SR 1 group. Will consist of athletes 14 & under that have AA cuts or higher, and 15+age swimmers that have not yet achieved a sectional cut,but show a desire to compete at the highest level they are currently capable. This group may vary slightly from year to year based on the number of athletes in the group, but the components and expectations do not change much other than a slight difference in training sets, cycles, etc.. The commitment requirements/ standards will remain the same as SR 1 because if the goal is to transition all the way to the top group, then it is only logical to expect similar routines from this group for the future. Our purpose is to develop a cohesive training group that will allow the most dedicated swimmers to begin reaching  National prominence, begin to expect more of themselves both in/ out of the pool, take more ownership of their destiny, etc.   More time will be spent on improving other critical aspects such as starts, turns, pulling, kicking, etc.! 

Senior 3 ( High Performance Prep ) This group is designed for the 13+ age swimmer and introduce the  swimmers to a higher level of training required to excel at the senior level.  The athletes in this group will need more of the physical and stroke development necessary to eventually progress to the SR 1/ SR 2 levels. This group will continue to work on stroke technique as well as enhance their cardiovascular system, while transitioning to more quality and maintaining great technique.  These swimmers attend practice 5-6  workouts per week with the option of attending (1-2)  extra morning workout with the coach permission. Athletes in this group are still transitioning from Bronze and have the option of participating in other sports at this time with the understanding that a certain level of commitment is still required as they develop within this group.  Attendance of meets is strongly encouraged. We do expect a wide range of physical/ mental and motivational levels in this group and will coach according to the needs of each individual.  The SR 3  swimmers will be expected to maintain a minimum level of practice attendance.  Primary goals for this group would be to challenge for Quad, AA, Zone and Sectionals Standards.

Senior 4 ( Sprint Performance) This Group will consist of kids ages 13+ that are newer to swimming or need more time to develop their training and/or technique skill.  Also for kids that are looking to excel during the high school season and may or may not have the desire to compete in the longer events or on a year round basis.

SR Fit ( High School Prep) This group may be seasonal depending on the time of the year for kids who either want to get a jump on their HS swimming season, or wish to swim to maintain their basic level of fitness.