Athlete Protection


UPDATE 11/5/2019:
From USA Swimming:

Hi Everyone,

Starting Wednesday 11/6/2019 times achieved by an athlete member at a sanctioned meet who is over 18 years of age (+30 day grace period) who had not completed the Athlete Protection Training (or whose APT training had expired) by the date of the swim, will not be able to be uploaded to the Times Holding Tank.

If a Times Upload file contains ineligible swim times (swimmer was not in compliance with APT requirements) those times will be ignored during an upload and will not appear in the holding tank.

Running a Meet Recon on a times upload file should flag all ineligible swimmers based on the swimmer’s age and APT status at the time of the swim.


Denise Thomas
Membership Manager


UPDATE 6/2019:

All Athlete members 18+ REQUIRED to take Athlete Protection Trainining.

Beginning February 4, 2019, the Athlete Protection Training is provided through the U.S. Center for SafeSport.  The required courses are found on the USA Swimming LEARN site and will be renewed annually.

All non-athlete members of USA Swimming  and all adult athletes (age 18+) are required to complete the Athlete Protection Training by clicking the link below. New members will be required to have their application form and payment processed by their LSC registrar before they can sign in to complete the course.

This certification is required for all new and existing members including coaches, officials, chaperones, meet directors, and adult athletes. If you have registered with USA Swimming for the first time, this is the course you need to take. 

The course is free of charge and, upon completion, should update in your membership record within 24 hours.

UPDATE 3/5/2019
USA Swimming is aware that sometimes APTs are not showing/matching to non-athlete member records in SWIMS.

One of the main reasons is that the non-athlete member doesn’t complete the evaluation, so it doesn’t show as completed.  Please check the following when completeing APT:

If one course shows 100% but not done with the check mark, it is not completed. To complete this course: You will need to click on the course, then select “2” from the navigation and complete the course evaluation. Once you have fulfilled the requirement there will be a check mark on the course and you will receive an email congratulating you for completing the requirement.



UPDATE 1/24/2019
From USA Swimming:

Changes to Athlete Protection Training

Regular and frequent training reminds us about the impact that we have on our athletes and the kids in our sport. No matter your role in the organization, your work and connection with our athletes is incredibly important, and we are all responsible for ensuring their experience is safe, positive and free of abuse.

You will notice some changes this year to the USA Swimming required Athlete Protection Training (APT). The U.S. Center for SafeSport (“the Center”) is the separate, independent, organization that responds to reports of abuse in the Olympic and Paralympic movements. In addition to that responsibility, the Center also sets policies for national governing bodies (NGBs) such as USA Swimming to follow and provides educational tools and resources. As a policy, the Center is requiring every USA Swimming member or individual with authority over, or frequent contact with, athletes to annually compete its “Core Center for SafeSport Training” educational resource or its refresher course. Starting February 4, 2019, the Core training will be live on the USA Swimming LEARN platform.

This will be a change from how APT was completed in previous years both in substance and in the annual requirements. First, while each member’s current APT training expiration date will be honored, members will no longer have a two-year USA Swimming APT certification. In the first year following expiration or upon new registration, only the Center’s Core training course will be required to obtain APT certification. Thereafter, every year, every non-athlete member will be required to complete the Center’s refresher course and also to take a USA Swimming elective APT course in order to obtain the required number of points for APT certification.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact