Safe Sport


On Monday 4/29 USA Swimming approved new requirements to MAAPP (Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy) to be in effect by June 23rd 2019.  Most will require minor adjustments to policies you already have in place, but the requirement for adult athletes (18 and over) will require communicating the change to your athletes. 

The requirement for adult athletes means all high school swimmers who have turned 18 and all returning college swimmers must take the 3 part athlete protection course each year.  If you have Masters swimmers who train at the same time as your minor swimmers, they are also required to take the course.  
The online training is user specific and connects directly to the individual’s USA Swimming member record. That way, as soon as the training is completed, the member record is updated to reflect that the requirement has been completed and populates a new expiration date for the training requirement.

the following information will assist you in preparing for this new requirement:


  • Impacts all current athlete members who will be turning 18, or are already 18 or older
  • June 23, 2019 program goes live
  • Athlete Protection Training (APT) must be completed to be in good standing
  • 30 days prior to turning 18, athlete member will receive an email notification to complete APT
  • On 18th birthday, athlete member will receive an email notification to complete APT
  • 30 days after turning 18, athlete member will receive email notification to complete APT
  • A grace period of 30 days after the athlete member turns 18 will be in place to complete the requirement
  • Athlete member’s record will be flagged if not completed (the same as it currently does with non-athletes)
  • Error messages will appear on meet recon reports if athlete member has not completed APT (something like “Athlete has not completed APT”)
  • Deck Pass member card will not be available if athlete has not completed APT (the same as it currently works with all other member types who are not in good standing)
  • If an athlete’s Deck Pass and/or member record are flagged for not completing APT, they will NOT be able to compete; however, it won’t prevent them from entering a meet
  • A link to and will be available on USA Swimming’s website under FOR YOU > Athlete
  • There is a page on our website; Free Safe Sport Training for Athletes – If this webpage is accessed, please be sure they select the courses under USA SWIMMING MEMBERS and not NON-MEMBERS (if you happen to take the courses under Non-Members, you will not get credit for them as a member
  • LSCs will be able to generate an Athlete Report to show all of their 18 and over current athlete members who have not completed it
  • Other reports such as Custom Member reports and Membership Status reports will be programmed very soon to identify athletes who are missing this requirement
  • Athlete rosters from Club Portals will also be programmed very soon to show athletes who have not completed APT


You can start NOW and get the process moving!

  1. Athletes can complete the APT right now, and it will automatically match to their member record.  You can get a jump on complying with this new requirement, by notifying your soon to be 18 year old athletes (30 days out before turning 18), your current 18 year old athletes, including those that are 30 days after turning 18, with details on completing APT (remember to mention to complete the last survey questions on the three required courses, so that it will appear in SWIMS and match to their member record)
    1. To generate your list, here are the steps:

i.      In SWIMS, Reports/Exports > Custom Member, Select the following fields:

  1. Birth Date, 2. Last Name, 3 First Name, Email, Club Name
  2. Determine the date(s) that will capture athletes who are 30 days from turning 18, are 18 and 30 days after turning 18
  3. You can then send an email directly to the athletes listed, who have an email address
  4. Generate a list of club contacts and/or club head coaches, and send them the names of their athletes who will need to complete this requirement.  NOTE: For security reasons, do not include date of births or email addresses; just the names.  They can then follow-up with their athletes at practice 
  5. Email your coaches and clubs and share information on this new requirement, so they too can assist in the process
  6. Post the general MAAPP on your LSC websites and encourage clubs to do the same


As with any new changes, it may start out a little rocky, and there may be some glitches along the way, so please be patient.  Remember: Athlete’s safety is our number one priority!