USA SWIMMING CONCUSSION PROTOCOLThis requirement is new for all coaches and officials in 2020. Though several states have previously passed concussion education requirements, USA Swimming will now require all coaches and officials complete Concussion Protocol Training by January 1, 2020.

Whenever an accident happens at a USA Swimming sanctioned event (practice, meet, dryland training, etc), personnel from the location where that accident happened are required to file a Report of Occurrence with USA Swimming regarding the accident. The report should be filed online at the link found at: It should be submitted by a coach, official or club personnel that were witness to the accident. It SHOULD NOT be submitted by the parent of the injured party or by the injured party themselves.

USA Swimming has recently had to switch to new reporting software (FormSite). The link to the new form site is still the same: Please bookmark this link and keep it for your reference.

All Reports of Occurrence should be submitted online. If you have any of the old paper forms, please discard them and use the online form. We realize there are times you are at a pool and do not have internet access at the time. We suggest you print a few draft copies of the form from the website to keep on hand. When an accident occurs, note the details of the accident on the draft copy and then when you get access to a computer, you can enter the details from the hard copy in the online form.  Please do not submit hard copy forms to USA Swimming. It will delay claims processing.