Athlete Representatives

The Athlete Committee has been hard at work getting the incoming athletes selected and assigned to committees. Congratulations to the 10 new athlete representatives, and welcome them to Ozark LSC House of Delegates. Athlete reps were assigned to committees in order to meet USA Swimming’s mandatory 20% athlete representation in each committee. There are 11 committees and the personnel for each committee is laid out by the OSI bylaws.

Name Team Grade Email Committee
Butler, Jaylan HEAT 11 Diversity
Dryer, Alexis FAST 11 Officials
Grimm, Adam RPLX 11 Finance
Fell, Tyler RCA 12 Athlete
Grinter, Bailey EDWY 12 Athlete
Hagamin, Tiffany FAST 11 Personnel
Hillmer, Matthew CSP 11 Safety
Hanin, Rami HEAT 10 Diversity
Maginn, Luke RSCA 10 Program Development
Thomas, Laney RSCA 11 Tech Planning
Sholl, Spencer EDWY 12 Budget
Edwards, Natalie EDWY 12 Audit

Information for Athletes 


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