Ozark Outreach Policy (consolidated - 2/9/2018)

Why is outreach important?

Each day families struggle to make ends meet due to the harsh economic time in which we currently live. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, in September the number of unemployed persons was 9.3 million. Many people do not have the discretionary income that they once had for extracurricular activities due to an unforeseen job loss that has adversely impacted income in a negative way. Outreach membership plays a vital role in bridging the gap. USA Swimming outreach membership offers qualified individuals the opportunity to become a USA Swimming year-round athlete member at a reduced fee




Ozark LSC Make a Splash Commitment
Become a Local Partner with the Make A Splash Program.  There are 2800 USA Swimming Member Clubs (less than 10%) in 56 LSC's and USA Swimming only has 224 Local Partners in 42 States.  Every Club in Ozark should be a Local Partner and right now Ozark has 3 Clubs that are Local Partners.  The USA Swimming Foundation has given out $100,000 in grant money to 21 Make A Splash Local Partners.  This program provides an opportunity for all USA Swimming Clubs to make a difference in their community by:
  • Expanding awareness about the importance of water safety and the need to learn to swim
  • Make a USA Swimming Member Club's learn-to-swim program services more visible in the community
  • The Club can utilize the Make A Splash name and branding in their community to awareness for not just their learn to swim programs but all of their aquatic programs.
  • The Club can participate in an on-going, national marketing and public relations campaign with the USA Swimming Foundation and its corporate and aquatic partners.
  • The Club will receive a FREE promotional kit of materials to use in their community: CD/DVD set that includes flyer templates, posters, water safety day ideas, images logo artwork... plus 20 Make A Splash promotional cards with logo pins, 20 laminated Water Watcher cards and wristband's, 100 Make A Splash tattoos and stickers, a Make A Splash Banner to hang in your facility and more...
Please consider becoming a member – it would be great for Ozark to have 100% participation as a Make A Splash Local Partner.  It is a one page application and a simple quarterly report.  Check out the link to sign up: and click "Become a Local Partner".