Ozark Outreach Policy (consolidated - updated 2/9/2018)

Become a Local Partner with the Make A Splash Program.  There are 2800 USA Swimming Member Clubs (less than 10%) in 56 LSC's and USA Swimming only has 224 Local Partners in 42 States.  Every Club in Ozark should be a Local Partner and right now Ozark has 3 Clubs that are Local Partners.  The USA Swimming Foundation has given out $100,000 in grant money to 21 Make A Splash Local Partners.  This program provides an opportunity for all USA Swimming Clubs to make a difference in their community by:
  • Expanding awareness about the importance of water safety and the need to learn to swim
  • Make a USA Swimming Member Club's learn-to-swim program services more visible in the community
  • The Club can utilize the Make A Splash name and branding in their community to awareness for not just their learn to swim programs but all of their aquatic programs.
  • The Club can participate in an on-going, national marketing and public relations campaign with the USA Swimming Foundation and its corporate and aquatic partners.
  • The Club will receive a FREE promotional kit of materials to use in their community: CD/DVD set that includes flyer templates, posters, water safety day ideas, images logo artwork... plus 20 Make A Splash promotional cards with logo pins, 20 laminated Water Watcher cards and wristband's, 100 Make A Splash tattoos and stickers, a Make A Splash Banner to hang in your facility and more...
Please consider becoming a member – it would be great for Ozark to have 100% participation as a Make A Splash Local Partner.  It is a one page application and a simple quarterly report.  Check out the link to sign up: http://swimfoundation.org and click "Become a Local Partner".