Volunteer Information:

  1. When and how often should a parent volunteer?
    1. Sioux Falls Swim Team is a parent/volunteer run organization. As part of your commitment to the team, parents are expected to volunteer when their child is participating. Parents can volunteer at a hosted swim meet by being a timer, official, running concessions, etc. or they can help at a team organized event such as a bus trip chaperone, team social event, team banquet, etc. However, please note that the SFST requires that all families who have swimmers participating in the meet must help at all meets hosted by the club.
    2. Also please note that if you do not fulfill your home meet volunteer commitments, your online account will be charged $20.00 per hour at the end of each season.


  1. What if I signed up to volunteer and then am not able to make it? What do I do?
    1. If you have signed up to volunteer at a meet, you must find your own replacement if you cannot fulfill your volunteer commitment or assignment. In addition you can contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]org to let them know about the situation.


  1. Who should I contact for volunteering?
    1. In order to obtain more information about volunteering requirements, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected]org.


  1. How do I get more involved/volunteer?
    1. SFST is always looking for more parental involvement. You can contact any board member or coach with your interests and we will be happy to have you as part of the volunteer team. For volunteering at meets, signup is done online as part of the meet registration process for you swimmer. Whenever you register your swimmer for a home meet, you are encouraged to click on the “Job Sign-Up” button to see what volunteers are needed for that meet.