Time off Request

Time off Policy

The Sioux Falls Swim Team offers a time off option for families who request it. Each swimmer may apply for this time off via written communication to the Treasurer of the Board of Directors, either by completing an online form on the SFST web site (preferred and link to is below) or other written communication. This policy is subject to change if the Board of Directors finds that there is a need to do so.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • A written request must be received and approved by the Board of Directors prior to the start of the requested time off period
  • After the time off period has expired, the family account will be credited with an amount equal to the charges for the time period requested
  • The time off period may vary in length from one (1) to four (4) consecutive weeks and is available in one (1) week increments
  • Each swimmer is allowed only one (1) time off period during the Short Course and/or Long Course Season
  • If the time off request is approved, the swimmer must not practice or attend a meet during the approved time off period
  • If a swimmer does attend practice during the approved time off period, the account credit will be forfeited and the charge for the entire length of the approved time off period will remain on the family account until payment is made
  • The swimmer(s) and family may take part in all other team activities such as fund raisers (including the Swim-a-thon), team parties, or meetings during the time off period
  • The family applying for time off may continue to participate in the family discount programs throughout the time off period

SFST Time off Form.docx