Ahrendt & Hein Award of Ex

The Jason Ahrendt - Barry Hein Award of Excellence Scholarship originated in September of 2017.  Prior to March 2016, Sioux Falls had two official swimming teams (The Seals and Snowfox), and the MIDCO aquatics center was under construction.  

Both teams were strong and successful.  Jason Ahrendt served as the board president of the Seals;  and Barry Hein the board president of Snowfox.  It became clear that having one unified swim team in Sioux Falls would greatly benefit both teams and the community at large.  After months of hard work, in March 2016 members of both teams voted overwhelmingly to merge into one swim team. 
Jason and Barry were the President and vice-president of the new Sioux Falls Swim Team Board of Directors.  Under their extensive leadership, we became the unified, strong, cohesive championship team we are today.  Jason and Barry served together for a year and a half and spent many hundreds of hours facilitating a smooth transition into creating one team and working endlessly with the city leaders to make sure our team had the ability to hold practices and meets at MIDCO once it opened.  
Jason and Barry ended their term as SFST board members in September 2017.  The remaining board created the Jason Ahrendt - Barry Hein Award of Excellence Scholarship to forever honor and celebrate their exceptional leadership, humanity, and dedication to the SFST.
With great pride, we announce the Jason Ahrendt - Barry Hein Award of Excellence Scholarship. Please open the attachments below for more details on the policy and application process for this college scholarship.