Become An Official

Official Information

Five Reasons to Become an Official:

  1. You'll be working with the greatest group of volunteers in all sports.
  2. You'll be close to the action.  The bleachers aren't comfortable anyway.
  3. High satisfaction; low pay.  And your kids love your involvement.
  4. It's a great way to meet future Olympians - unless you already have one in your home.
  5. Great food in hospitality, and you can't beat the price!  (Free!)

How To Become an Official:

  1. Shadow a Stroke and Turn Official for 4 sessions at one or more swim meet
  2. Watch Officials Training Videos
  3. Become a member of USA Swimming
    1. Complete form 2017 Non-Athlete Registration Application form and check with head official of where to send
  4. Complete Background Check:    Follow Option 1
  5. Complete Athlete Protection Training (APT)
    • For more information about the program, click HERE
    • Click HERE for the Athlete Protection Training Instructions
    • Click link in Step 1, then click on link top right hand corner Athlete Protection Training Course
  6. Attend Clinic hosted by team Head Official
  7. Review Rulebook
  8. Take an Official's test online (open book)
  9. Have fun!


Additional Helpful Information

  1. LSC policies and procedures
  2. Officials Shirts-Order Online
  3. Name Badges

For More Information, email head officials:

Bob Pelzer [email protected] 

Sherri Whitney [email protected]