Chaperone Info

Chaperone Information

What Is A Chaperone? . . .

Chaperones play a vital role by allowing our team to go to meets via bus trips.  Bus trips are a great way for a swimmer to experience a team event.  Parents, who volunteer as chaperones, become part of the team and are able to experience more areas of the Sioux Falls Swim Team.  Becoming a chaperone is a wonderful way to become more involved in our team.

Duties are:

  1. All chaperones must first request to the head coach or head chaperone to become a chaperone.
  2. All chaperones must sign the chaperone application prior to leaving on the bus trip.
  3. Chaperones will supervise busing of swimmers to and from the meet, arrangement of meals/entertainment, enforcement of rules and any other assigned duties by head chaperone or coaching staff.
  4. Chaperones will be accommodated in a hotel room with assigned athletes. 
  5. All chaperones will report to the head chaperone or coaching staff.
  6. With some meets, chaperones may be responsible for cooking of meals for swimmers/coaches.

What Does The Head Chaperone Do? . . .

As a head chaperone, you are responsible for working closely with the head coach to help ensure a bus trip runs smoothly.  The head chaperone plays a vital role in helping to make a bus trip affordable for Snowfox families.

Duties are:

·Arrange meals

·If bus trip is out of the USA, arrange all necessary paperwork

·Coordinate all chaperones during travel

·Formalize budget for trip with Head Coach and BOD Treasurer

·Ensure all chaperones have signed chaperone application

·Make attendance check off sheets for chaperones

·Make itinerary  for coach/swimmers/chaperones/parents

·Collect tip for bus driver


I Want To Apply To Be A Chaperone!!


Please click HERE for a Chaperone Application form and click HERE for a Non-Athlete Registration Form. Both forms must be completed and turned into the Head Coach or Current Head Chaperone as soon as possible to be considered for a chaperone position. Applications can be turned in any time during the year for future team travel trips.



Background Check Information


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Athlete Protection Program


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