Financial Info

Financial Information

Session fees are based on the level of the swimmer and relate to the amount of practice time outlined under Training Groups. There are a total of three sessions in a calendar year (fall, winter, summer). Fees for each session are billed over a three (fall/winter) or four (summer) month billing cycle through the Team Unify website. A swimmer enrolled in any session (fall, winter, or summer) understands that once they register the session fee,in its entirety, is due and payable to Sioux Falls Swim Team.  As a courtesy, we will bill the session fees in monthly installments for those with a credit card or bank account on file with the team.  

              Any swimmer who leaves part way through a session will be billed for entire session.

              Any returning swimmer who starts a session late will be billed for the entire session.

Current fees for the fall and winter sessions (3 months each) are:   [UPDATED with reduced dues beginning Sept 2017!]

                                      Red                                 $165           ($55/mo)

                                      White 1                            $210          ($70/mo)

                                      White 2 & 3                      $285          ($95/mo)

                                      Blue                                $345           ($115/mo)

Current fee for summmer session (4 months) is:

                                      Red                                 $220           ($55/mo)

                                      White 1                           $280           ($70/mo)

                                      White 2 & 3                     $380           ($95/mo)

                                      Blue                                $460           ($115/mo)


Financial Information

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