Family Participation


Family participation program

 This program is applicable to all groups training at Chandler Aquatic Center.

The primary purpose of this program is to encourage members to participate and assist with sponsored activities, which helps to build a stronger team! Activities include DTAC hosted swim meets, banquets, fundraisers and parties. One exception is at meets hosted by other teams where volunteer timing is requested by the participating teams. The volunteer program will run for the swimming calendar year, beginning October of the current year, and concluding in September the following year.

New families joining after the first 6 months will have their required hours prorated.

If a family prefers to assist for only some hours or not at all they may simply pay for the unworked hours at a rate of $25/ hour and their obligation will be met. We ask anyone choosing to opt out and pay their hours to do so by December 1st of that year. At the conclusion of the swimming calendar year, any uncompleted hours will be invoiced to the family at the rate of $25/hour.

The requirement for 2019-2020 swimming year is 20 hours.