Swimmer of the Month

October 2011 - Swimmer of The Month

Pre-Comp/Age Group 1

Alisha Zen!

     Do you know Alisha Zen? Let me fill you in on an amazing girl who has been swimming with EBAT since she was 5 years old. Alisha has grown up on the EBAT pool deck. Before she started swimming she would watch her brother and sister practice. Alisha loves freestyle and her job in the water is to remind Coach Lauren "streamline!" Alisha is not only a very talented swimmer, she also loves to hula. Now you know a little bit about a very special swimmer named Alisha.

Age Group 2

Cynthia Le

     Cynthia has been steadily improving over the last two years which is no surprise to me. This summer at multiple meets she was less then a second off her JO qualification time in the 50 free. Finally at the Hercules meet on the 24th and 25th she got under the cut by less then a tenth of a second. It may sound clichéd but it is absolutely true, there are three things that contributed to her success: dedication, work ethic, and a love for the sport. Cynthia is at practice every day even if her schedule only permits her to swim for 30 minutes. During the last season she has not only smoothed out her strokes, but also has learned how to train. What I mean by that is she knows how to use the clock and manage her efforts for a given set and interval. Accomplishing this is one of the main learning objectives of Age Group II and she has been picking up on this quickly. Congratulation’s Cynthia, you deserve it!


Junior Group

Mark Gruzman

     Mark Gruzman is Junior Group's Swimmer of the Month for September.
Mark is a new addition to the Junior Group and has wasted no time in
making the most out of his move up. He has been very focused in
practice, always knows what the set is, and has been consciously
working on his strokes to improve not only his speed, but technique.
Mark is usually not a regular at swim meets, but I know he plans on
signing up for some this winter and I look forward to see what he can


Newton Tran

Newton has started the season off with a determination and confidence that is evident in every set and every lap.  Newton has always been a hard worker, but he's got a fire burning within him this season.  It's not uncommon for him to be leading his lane and pushing others to race him who are in other lanes.  If Newton keeps this kind of attitude up, he will definately have a great season full of lots of improvements and successes.  Keep it up Newton!


April 2010  - Swimmers of the Month

Zach Mustapha

Now that Zach has moved into my group full time he comes to practice with one of the best attitudes. When the set calls for him to only do a 100 yards he is always asking if he can do 200! When I tell him to just do a 100, he usually says, “Oh, Darn!” That is the kind of attitude that makes a great swimmer. I really enjoy having Zach in my group, and look forward to watching him improve.                                                                                                                                                       

Sebastian Balica

Sebastian has been putting in months of hard work, pretty much ever since he joined my group.    Every day in practice this kid just pounds away, cranking through set after set like it's no big deal.  So logically I presumed that the results of all his progress and effort at practice would be great swims at meets.  Well, over the past few months Sebastian has battled a few set-backs.  It began with a leg injury, and then his sister sat on him - kid couldn't get a break! But at the 10 & Under Championships Sebastian swam the meet I'd been expecting from him for a long time.  His first race was okay, but he showed his maturity rebounding from a mediocre swim and making the
next three swims awesome!  Sebastian is really stepping up and proving he can compete with the big 9-10 boys!  I think this meet will serve as a turning point and look forward to a great long course season. Good work Sebastian!


Gabe McDermott

Gabe has had a great attitude all season long.  He’s embraced his final high school year with the kind of pride and enthusiasm that is admired by his coach and all his team mates.  Gabe has been a great leader this year both in his actions at practice and how he pumps his team mates up at meets and work outs.  I know he is looking forward to a fun summer full of fast swimming as he prepares to go to school and swim for Concordia at Irvine in the fall.  Great job, Gabe!


March 2010 Swimmers of the Month

Coach Mitchell’s Group –

Ysennia recently moved up into my group but has made the transition from pre-comp extraordinarily. Ysennia is a great listener, and a very hard worker. Even when the intervals were a little faster then she can hold she didn’t stop, she kept on going. Ysennia is always serious about what she does in the pool, and it has lead to great swimming! Congratulations Ysennia!


Coach Colby’s Group –

Cameron Bushery -
Cameron has on the team for over a year, however his attendance has improved recently, signaling the fact that he is beginning to become more serious about swimming.  Well, as serious as Cameron can get.  Always effervescent in practice, Cameron is beginning to learn when it's time to play and when it's time to swim.  His seriousness during
some of the harder sets is beginning to yield great results at swim meets, with Cameron only tenths away from many of his A cuts.  If Cameron continues to attend practices regularly and put in some serious work, he should have a great Summer season!


Coach Mark’s Group –

The Swimmer of the Month for March goes to Maja Harren.  Maja finally joined EBAT in September after several years of participating in our clinics and swimming for her summer team and high school team.  Transitioning into year-round training and training for events longer than 50’s and 100’s can be quite challenging for teenagers coming into club swimming.  Maja has done an outstanding job, especially these last couple of months.  She is able to hammer through tough sets and recover quickly enough for the next set or practice.  Maja is also experiencing success in her races as she is swimming right on her best times in high school dual meets.  She is going to have an awesome league champs performance as well as at NCS.  I’m sure she’ll enjoy her first summer season swimming long course too!  Great Job, Maja!  Keep up the great work!




Coach Mitchell’s Group -

Olivia Champion is swimmer of the month because of her work ethic. She is always ready to swim. Olivia never plays around when it is time to get in the pool; She gets in quickly and warms up. She always is self-correcting her stroke and is consistently getting faster. Way to go Olivia!



Coach Colby’s Group -

Miruna Muresan - Miruna took a break from swimming over the holidays and came back with renewed dedication and determination.  At her first meet back, Miruna tore it up - swimming to all best times!  However, even that was not
enough for her and at the next swim meet she swam to her first A time!  In practice, Miruna is proving she can hang with the faster lanes.  The "New Miruna" is proving that a little extra effort in practice pays of big in races!  Congratulations Miruna!


Coach Mark’s Group –

February’s Swimmer of the Month goes to Luciana Balica.  Luciana has been doing an excellent job since moving up to the Jr 2 group in September.  When moving up to this group, new swimmers often experience the fact that there is lots of swimming to do and not a lot of rest to be had.  Many swimmers shy away from these yards and take breaks often as they try to assimilate themselves.  Not Luciana.  She knows that hard work will pay off, so she keeps going and tries to keep up with other swimmers who have been in the group longer than her.  She knows and has experienced that working hard makes swimming and training a little more manageable.  Keep up the great work, Luciana, and you will continue to see more and more improvements at meets.  Good Job!!

Coach Mitchell’s Group -
The January Swimmer of the Month is Lindsay Brown. In the past few months since she has moved up from pre-comp she has come a long way. As only a six year old in the eight and under division she has already got B times in almost every event and is even getting close to some A times. This improvement has come from consistent hard work and great practice and meet attendance. Nice job Lindsay!

Coach Colby’s Group –

Olivia Chan - Olivia has decided that she likes swimming again, and all of the hard work she's put in trying to get back in shape since September is really starting to pay off.  Olivia swam to all best times at this last meet, and proved what a gutsy racer she still is!  In practice it has been a challenge sometimes for Olivia to keep up with her lane or swim all the laps.  But everyday Olivia shows up ready to work hard and she's now not only making it through the sets
but pushing the other 10 year old girls to go faster as well.  On kicking sets Olivia is a beast due in large part to the strong legs she has from ballet.  We love having you back Olivia, keep up the good work!

Coach Mark’s Group -

My pick for January’s Swimmer of the Month goes to Amanda Houston.  This girl has an amazing work ethic.  Her teammates can’t believe the things she does in practice – like hammering through aerobic sets so fast that she is often moved up to swimming with the pre-seniors.  Amanda also has great balance and rhythm in the water.  Her stroke mechanics are excellent in all four competitive strokes and she attacks the toughest of sets without even batting an eye.  She is a very social girl I know who loves swimming, however, she’s all business when workout begins.  Amanda – keep up the great effort in practice.  Your teammates notice your tenacity and it rubs off on them.  Great job!!


December Swimmers of the Month


Age Group 1/Pre-Comp

Monica Gong is another swimmer who has really improved over these last two months. Monica worked hard changing her freestyle stroke technique. It is not an easy task to change a bad habit when you feel like you are doing it correctly. Monica has accomplished this feat, and it will improve her swimming greatly in the future. I know I will continue to see her keep on dropping those best times down! Keep up the good work!


Age Group 2/Junior 1

Clotilda has always been a hard worker, and a very competitive person. Everyday in practice I know I can count on her knowing what the set is, what the interval is, and that she'll give the set 100%. Pushing Clotilda to work hard has never been an issue. However, in December I noticed a big change in where she focuses her attention during practice. She now takes more time to slow down a bit (but not a ton - hey, you can only control tenacity like that so much...) in order to focus on the drills. This has been especially evident as we've been working on feel for the water. Her freestyle has lengthened out, resulting in more powerful stokes. I look forward to seeing the results of this change at meets in the upcoming months. Good job Clotilda!



The Swimmer of the Month for December goes to Miles Teague.  Miles has reached some new “Mile’s stones” so to speak.  His sprint freestyle and backstroke times have taken huge drops recently.  He made JO’s and a Junior meet!  He swam sick at JO’s, but the week after he swam at a big Junior + meet and improved even more in his events.  Miles is learning that success at meets can stimulate motivation and a better work ethic at practice.  Hard work at practice, in turn, creates more success at meets.  It’s always exciting for coaches, parents, and teammates to witness this cycle of success.  Keep up the great work, Miles!  I predict a very exceptional season ahead!


November Swimmers of the Month


Age Group 1/Pre-Comp

Cynthia is the Age group swimmer of the month.  Her strokes have really come together.  Her nearly perfect attendance and strong work ethic has really contributed to her success.  She doesn't let anything get her down and even when practice is hard.  That is an attitude which shows me that she will be successful in this sport. I can't wait to see her swim at her first swim meet!


Age Group 2/Junior 1

Sergio Chavarria came to us from our EBAT summer lessons program and although it can be challenging adjusting from lessons to swim team, Sergio has done a great job!  His attendance at practice is close to impeccable, which has helped him quickly integrate into our group.  Sergio always knows what the set is, as well as what he, specifically, should be focusing on.  Sergio also has a special ability to make adjustments easily to his strokes.  His focus, coupled with his ruthless work ethic, are the principle reasons why he is moving up lanes so quickly.  At first, Sergio was hesitant to swim in lanes with the older, faster swimmers, but he was willing to give it a try and the results have been amazing.  He has adjusted to the new challenge of swimming in faster lanes wonderfully, and I hope his confidence will improve even more in the new year when he is going to try swim meets!  Good job, Sergio - keep it up!



November’s Swimmer of the Month has to go to Mitchell Sweetman.  Mitchell is one of EBAT’s newest swimmers, having joined last July.  For someone with the limited experience of Mitchell, he sure acts like he has been swimming for years.  He does not shy away from pain and seems to get tougher as the sets become more challenging.  I can tell that he was made for this sport.  Those who know him outside the pool will say that he is very nice, quiet, and unassuming.  But don’t let that fool you.  Mitchell is a vicious competitor who is ready to race and win at any time.  I’m expecting to see a great high school season this spring with Mitchell.  Great Job!  Keep up the hard work!


October Swimmer of the Month
Pre-Comp / Age Group 1
Chloe Dionisio - Chloe has shown a exceptional work ethic this month. Chloe's stroke technique has improved greatly. One of the hardest thing for swimmers to do is take verbal advice and translate it into action. Chloe not only corrects her strokes when I ask, but from day to day she remembers what she needs to work on and I can see that she is always thinking about her technique when she swims. Keep up the good work Chloe!
Age Group 2 / Junior 1
Jasper Gong - Jasper's nomination as Swimmer of the Month doesn't come on the heels of any one particular stand-out event, but rather follows months of hard work.  Over this time, Jasper's attendance has improved, as well as his focus during practice.  Somewhere along the line, Jasper decided to become more serious about swimming and that decision is starting to pay-off.  Every part of Japser's swimming has improved - his endurance, his technique, his turns, and - yes, slowly but surely - even his kicking!  Jasper knows when it's time to be silly and when it's time to work and this new-found maturity will benefit Jasper both in and out of the pool.  I look forward to seeing Jasper at more meets this winter, he is definitely ready to swim fast!  Good job Jasper!
Junior 2 / Pre-Senior / Senior
Andrew Choi - Andrew has been swimming on EBAT for a little over 1 year now. He sure has come a long way. He’s a hard worker who is currently on a pretty steady learning curve in the Jr2 group. He’s been demonstrating a fierce determination to go faster than others in his lane or anyone around him. This attitude has been rubbing off on others in his lane and has resulted in faster swimming every day at practice. Good job, Andrew! Keep up the hard work!
June 2009
Rachel Molkentin - Welcome back Rachel. After taking a break during the winter, Rachel is back and ready to swim.  After a long day of dancing and playing, Rachel always comes to practice ready to try her best.  Keep of the great work Rachel!
Sergio Talavera - Sergio has made a big splash since coming back to EBAT, not skipping a beat after re-joining our group.  He has made steady and marked improvement since returning and is now completing interval sets while keeping up with the rest of the group.  Sergio's is a rockstar when it comes to stroke technique, especially when it comes to backstroke.  Ever conscientious of proper technique, Sergio is beginning to meld that flawless technique he has with the newfound endurance he's building through the hardwork he puts in everyday at the pool.  His hardwork and fantastic technique should make for an awesome combination at his next swim meet.  Sergio is a great addition to our group and we are glad to have him back!
Andrew Choi – Andrew has been doing a great job since moving up to the Junior 2 group in late May. This guy doesn’t quit! The Junior 2 swimmers have quite a daunting task acclimating themselves to the increased yardage. The swimmers that do best at this are the ones that stay off the wall and keep swimming. This leads to those swimmers successfully integrating themselves into the training routine. Andrew has demonstrated that he plans on being a Junior 2 group leader as his workout habits are astounding! Keep up the great work, Andrew!
May 2009

RC Zen – RC has quietly been making big progress.  With the reorganization of groups, RC has emerged as a leader, showing tremendous responsibility – especially when mentoring all of the new additions to our group!  RC works hard every time he jumps in the pool, and has learned to put aside his fun-loving attitude once practice starts and instead gets down to business.  The consistency and maturity RC shows in practice are exceptional attributes for an 12-year old boy, and as a coach I deeply appreciate RC stepping up and becoming a leader in practice.  Outside the pool, RC has been busy, busy, busy!  However, once that settles down I would love to see RC at some meets.  If the way he has been swimming in practice is any indication, RC should destroy whatever races he enters.  Keep up the good work RC!

Sarah Williams-Hansen - Sarah is one of the newest members in the Junior 2 program. As anyone who has moved into this group knows, it is probably the toughest transition to make while swimming for EBAT. This is a group that takes months to get used to and the only way to do it is by not stopping and by coming to practice every day. So far Sarah has really stepped up to this task and is doing very well in her new group. I can’t wait to see her improvements at some swim meets. I’m expecting a break out season coming up in the fall. I know that this summer we will get a few sneak previews of what’s ahead in Sarah’s upcoming swim season. Keep up the great work Sarah and you will see some major improvements!


April 2009

Pre Comp Swimmer of the Month
Ashley Sand is my swimmer of the month. Ashley has had perfect attendance and arrives to practice, eager and ready to learn. Every day, she is prepared to jump in the pool, ready with all of her equipment. Once in the pool, she always listens and is quiet when instruction is being given. Each time a new drill is explained, Ashley is able to perform it to the best of her abilities the first time. To have such discipline and dedication at such a young age is amazing. Ashley is on the road to being a top notch competitive swimmer. Way to go Ashley! Keep it up!
Colby’s group: It’s a tie!

Spencer Vanderpan - Spencer wasted little time making a big splash in his new group! One of our newest additions from Coach Lauren's group, Spencer has already shown great improvement in all his strokes. Spencer is both competitive and thoughtful - a rare and extremely successful combination. In practice he quietly works hard, always doing his best. Spencer is the unusual kid who you can show and explain what you want once and they get it immediately! Spencer's a very quick sutdy! Then, at the SRVLA Long Course meet in April, Spencer put together all that hard work and technique tips and it resulted in all best times! Spencer is a great addition to our group and I look forward to many more great summer swims from him! Welcome Spencer - you're doing a great job!

Lydia Deng - Lydia always does her own thing in practice. Now, that's not to say she doesn't pay attention - quite the opposite! This perfectionist just goes at her own pace, making sure she's doing everything correctly, regardless of what the rest of the group may doing. And that perfection from Lydia continued at the SRVLA meet where she had all best times. Lydia was on fire, even beating some of the bigger, older girls! Lydia is proof positive that speed is not as important in practice as technique is: if you work on swimming technically correct strokes in practice, then your times will fall automatically fall at a meet. I love Lydia's focus in practice, and expect that focus to pay off with lots of best times in the upcoming months! Way to go Lydia!
Coach Mark’s pick for swimmer of the month for April goes to Gabbi White. Gabbi has had some big improvements this year. At HAAL Championships, she went a 1:07 in the 100 back which is only 1 second away from a senior cut. She also went a 58 in the 100 free, only tenths away from her senior cut. And at the walk-on meet she did get her first senior cut, going a 26 in the 50 free! Way to go, Gabbi! As most of us know, Gabbi loves to gab, but when she stops gabbing, she turns into a vicious and hard worker. Working this hard all the time, its no wonder she had such impressive end of the season meets. Great job, Gabbi. 

March 2009

Danielle Molkentin - For the month of march I have decided to bring some attention to our growing pre-comp group. I would like to congratulate Dani on her wonderful attendance and contagious enthusiasm. Keep up the good work Dani! I can't wait to see you at meets!
- Coach Lauren
Gabbie Dionisio- When not playing basketball, Gabbie can be found working hard in the pool. And is Gabbie ever a hard worker! I could put Gabbie in any lane and she would practically kill herself trying to keep up. The cold weather in the winter is always rough for Gabbie, but now that the weather's warmed up, Gabbie's been spending more time in the pool, and the improvement is obvious. Not only has Gabbie's speed improved, but her butterfly is coming along. Butterfly is an extremely hard stroke to swim if you do not have enough muscle-mass. However, through sheer determination and intense focus on technique, bean-pole Gabbie has begun to master the ever-difficult Butterfly. Way to go Gabbs! All that hard work through the cold months is starting to pay off and I look forward to seeing you more in the pool under the sunshine!
Jason Corbett– Jason has been on a roll lately. He’s been very motivated both at practice and at meets. While in Las Vegas for the Speedo California Nevada Sectional Championships, Jason broke two team records – the 200IM and 100 breast. Great Job Jason! Jason is looking to have an exceptional high school championship meet at NCS as it will be his last high school meet ever. He’s hoping to get a Junior National Cut at that meet or at the Summer Sectionals in Clovis. Good luck Jason. Keep up the hard work and dedication! 
EBAT Swim Team
Swimmer of the Month
February, 2009
Age Group 1 and Pre-Competitive groups
OMG swimmer of the month is finally here! Age Group one would like to announce thatSebastian Balica is our swimmer of the month. I would like to share a little bit about ourSebastian. Sebastian loves to swim both freestyle and butterfly. His dream is to one day become a professional swimmer. When Sebastianis not swimming, you can find him on the track. Sebastian is not only a talented athlete he also enjoys the fine art. When at schoolSebastian’s favorite subject is art. WithSebastian’s busy schedule of swimming, track and school, Sebastian likes to settle down and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. He also loves to watch the Olympics, are you surprised? Sebastian, if you are reading this… keep up the good work!
Age Group 2 and Junior 1 groups

Clotilda Yi
Clotilda proves that if you are willing to work really hard for what you want, ultimately you will get it. Clotilda has been eye-ing the Junior Olympic qualifying time in the 50 Breast stroke since June - personally, I think she just wants a snazzy jacket! She’s progressively dropped time - a couple tenths here, a couple tenths there - but she was still .2 tenths off the cut. At riotously successful first ever EBAT meet Clotilda got her JO cut...but not in the 50 Breast. She got it in the 100 Breast, an event she didn’t even know she was close in! She stepped up on the blocks, raced in the rain and got her time (and a jacket to match big sister’s). Clotilda proved that when you let go, race and let your body do what it has trained to do for all these months, the results can surprise even yourself. However, I am not surprised that Clotilda is beginning to reach her goals. She is one of my most self-motivated swimmers, pushing herself to the limit everyday in practice and I would not be surprised if that training results in more JO cuts very soon. I am so proud of you Clotilda, you will always know your first JO cut was in your home pool - there is nothing better! Wear that jacket with pride!
Junior 2, Pre-Senior, and Senior groups
For Mark’s groups, the Swimmer of the Month goes to.........Anjelica (Jelly) Dysico. Jelly was ON FIRE at our EBAT meet. She must have felt right at home racing in the pool she swims so many yards in every night. She improved on every single event, (eight events in all) and finally broke the 1:00 barrier in the 100 free. She actually almost went a 58! She had been so close for the last several attempts and finally made it! Jelly, your hard work at practice has really paid off. Keep up the hard work and bigger improvements are on the way.  

Jan 2009

Alex Brown - Alex was one of the few swimmers who dared to venture the distance (not to mention car crash!) and swam at the Stockton meet. Making the most of the adventure - and proving that he is a competitor who loves nothing more than to race - Alex dropped time in almost all the events he entered! Alex's natural feel for the water makes it easy for him to take correction, and it has always been obvious he is quite bright, but lately in practice he is flexing that cranium muscle by asking all the right questions. When asked to focus on a certain aspect of a stroke or change something minor in his stroke technique Alex asks "Why?" and then really actually listens patiently for the explanation. As a coach it is wonderful to have a swimmer do what you say, but extremely rare to have a swimmer who wants to know the reasoning behind why they should do what you say. I admire Alex's analytic thinking patterns and think his deeper understanding of swimming is really starting to show through with improved stroke technique as well as improved times. Bravo Alex!
Gabe McDermott– It sure was tough to pick a Swimmer of the Month for January. It seems there are a large number of swimmers in my group who have stepped it up considerably at practice and at meets lately. So, after thinking about it for a while, I decided that Gabe McDermott is the one. Gabe has been swimming on our team for a couple years now and is very talented. Right now he is trying to make a “sectionalý cut so he can go to Las Vegas with Coach Mark and Jason Corbett. He’s been working incredibly hard at practice, but he keeps missing the cut by hundredths of a second in the 50 and 100 free. This is where a swimmer’s perseverance is so important. We have to remember that even after all the hard work and dedication, after all the pain and sacrifices, we can still fall short of our goals. The important thing is that we get right back up and keep trying. I know that Gabe can do this and that he has become a stronger swimmer and person during his quest for a sectional cut. Gabe’s last chance is at our very own EBAT meet. Good Luck, Gabe! You can do it! 

Dec 2008

December Swimmer of the Month
I wonder ……why I bump my head. I hear……bacon water. I see……my mom. I want……food. I pretend……I’m a random person. I feel……a cramp. I touch……food. I worry……about not knowing. I cry……because I don’t know. I understand……everything. I say“Hiý. I dream……of food! I try……cheese. I hope……I can over sleap in the morning. I am……Monica Gong.  



Colby’s Group
December Swimmer of the Month
Lucianna Balica-Lucianna started December off in incredible fashion at the Pleasanton swim meet, getting best times across the board. The hard work she has been putting in everyday at the pool since we came back in September really paid big dividends forLucianna. She stepped
up and raced, resulting in great swims in all her events. But, without a doubt, her best swims were in some of the hardest events - the 200 breast and 500 free! Lucianna challenges herself every time she steps in the pool and has been not just completing but obliterating some very impressive sets in practice, including a 400 IM! It has been a joy to watch Lucianna's mental toughness in races increase to match her physical toughness in practice and result in big time drops. I know I'm extremely proud of her accomplishments and hope she is very proud of what she did not only at the Pleasanton meet but the hard work and dedication she invests into every practice. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of swimming success forLucianna. Keep up the hard work, its going to really start to pay off!
Mark’s Group
December Swimmer of the Month
For mark’s group, the Swimmer of the Month goes to Alicia Krewer. At the Age Group meet in December,Alicia, on Saturday, began the meet with a 200 IM where she improved 6 seconds in an amazing swim. From there she went to a soccer game where she played the entire game without substituting out. After the game, she came back to the meet to swim a 500 freestyle where she improved 23 seconds. She wasn’t done yet. She went back to the soccer tournament to play a second game where, again, she played the entire time. Way to go, Alicia! Alicia is also exhibiting a new form of determination I have not seen before in her, as she wants to move up to the pre-senior group. Great job, Alicia! 
Nov 2008
For Coach Lauren’s group, she has decided to do a “fill in the blanký form for her Swimmer of the Month. As you read along try to guess who this person might be. The answer will be at the end of the descriptions.
November Swimmer of the Month
I wonder ……about arm hair. I hear……bacon sizzling on the grill. I see……eggs. I want……ham. I pretend……breakfast. I feel……hungry. I touch……a piece of cheese. I worry……about basel. I cry……because my brother smells. I understand……food. I say“Hiý. I dream……of food! I try……swimming. I hope……to get dinner. I am……Olivia Champion.

Coach Colby's Group

Megan Houston - This precocious 9 year old has made the most of her
move up to the incredibly challenging 9-10 age group, embarking on
both the 200 free and the 200 IM! As if it wasn't enough to simply
complete these events, Megan has dropped almost half a minute in these
events. In practice, Megan has begun to focus her exuberance into the
sets and always leads the pack during kicking sets. She is a
wonderful addition to practice, adding much needed humor while also
working incredibly hard. It is a joy to see Megan not only race, but

Coach Mark's Group

Michael Lee - As a Junior 2 swimmer, Michael Lee is coming to practice more often and keeping up with some pre-seniors regularly. This translated into two Junior Olympic cuts at his first meet ever this fall. Michael got to participate in the 14 & Under Junior Olympics at Pacifica early in December and had a great meet for a rookie. Michael is soft spoken, but a hard worker and serious competitor. I know he is excited about starting high school swimming as he is a freshman at Castro Valley High. Great job, Michael. Keep up the hard work! 

Swimmers of the Month
For October
Angus Yick -
Swimmer of the month for Age Group One is…..Angus! Angus has only been swimming with EBAT for a couple of months. When Angus first started swimming I would have to force him to take a break. Now I don’t worry so much about him. He has no problem keeping up with everyone now. Angus has shown much improvement over these past couple of months! He is always ready to go with a smile on his face! It is a joy having Angus in our group!
Andrew Dysico
Andrew is the perfect example of what happens when hard work meets focus and dedication. While I have been coaching here at EBAT, Andrew has gone from one of my least confident, least focused swimmers to one of my more confident and driven swimmers. He shows up on the pool deck every day ready to work hard. His work ethic, coupled with his intense focus on stroke technique, paid off at the October 24-25 Orinda meet. Andrew raced his way to three new Junior Olympic time cuts as well as one new Far Western cut! However, Andrew’s swimming is not the only thing that has been improving in leaps and bounds, his change in attitude has meant Andrew now has a maturity that makes him no longer simply a kid splashing around in a pool, but a young adult for whom the sky is the limit. Congratulations Andrew!
Erin Ballar is ON FIRE this season. Towards the end of the summer I started noticing how intense Erin was becoming during practice. She seemed to be taking charge of her sets during workouts –finishing strong rather than struggling to finish. This is always a big step for the Junior 2 group and Erin has definitely made that leap. At our last meet, she SMASHED the 11-12 100 fly record by 3 seconds! She is already well on her way to claiming the 13-14 record too. She is looking forward to having a very successful Junior Olympics in Pacifica next month. Great job, Erin! Keep up the hard work and this season will be spectacular for you! 

September 2008

Coach Lauren’s Groups

Lauren Kong was born on Feb 1st, 2000. She is 8 years old and enjoys swimming backstroke. When she is not at swim practice, Lauren enjoys playing softball and 2nd base is her favorite position. Lauren is a wonderful scholar. She enjoys art and reading Nancy Drew books. Lauren is no stranger to fine dining. She loves rocky road ice cream and pasta. Did you know that Lauren has been to our nation’s capital? She has even been to the white house! Lauren is a very busy girl. But she still finds time to watch her favorite movie "Kung Fu Panda." She also enjoys watching "The fairly odd parents." Lauren Kong is a wonderful girl, and it’s a joy to have her on our team. Her favorite thing about EBAT is all the nice people. Look for Lauren at our practice. She is in the pink cap and goggles - it is her favorite color after all.


Coach Colby’s groups

Olivia Seideman - Olivia has taken full advantage of the new season. Not only is her work ethic exceptional, but she is blossoming into quite the group leader. Olivia can always be counted on to know what the set is, and will always proactively help the other members of her lane understand the sets as well. However, unwavering dependability is only part of Olivia’s package. As a greeting committe she is more than welcoming to the new members, greeting them with a big smile and "Hi, I’m Olivia!" But by far the biggest change in Olivia this season has been her willingness to push herself. It seems weekly Olivia moves lanes -- each week a faster lane than the last. Olivia’s combination of leadership and focus is a dynamic combination that ensures her a great 2008-2009 season! Way to go Olivia S.!


Coach Mark’s groups

The swimmer of the month for September goes to a brand new swimmer to our team - John Michael Saunders. John Michael decided that he would leave the summer league to start swimming year-round. I think he is excited to be a sophomore at Castro Valley High and really wants to make an impact on his high school swim team. Lots of swimmers who come out of summer league have a rough time adjusting to the increased work loads. John Michael has done an outstanding job by coming to practice every day, on time and prepared to do the best he can. I am really impressed with his work ethic and I think he is going to do great things this season. Good job John Michael! Keep up the hard work!