Swim Groups

WCAN Swim Groups

WCAN groups are divided by age and ability. The coaches use mental, social, and physical readiness as factors in their decision-making process. Placement is determined by the Coaching Staff.



Schedule: Offered 3 times per week for 30 minutes.

Qualifications: Must be water safe and able to get across the pool.

Goals: This is our pre team group.  The goal of this group is to teach them the basics and get them ready for our team.




Schedule: Offered 4 times per week for 45 minutes.

Qualifications: Must be able to swim a 50 without stopping.

Goals: This group is designed to continue the swimmer’s development of the four competitive strokes. Additional endurance training, stroke technique and introduction interval training will be given in preparation for promotion to the Kings group.


Kings  (9 and up, 8 year olds with “A” times)

Schedule: Offered 5 times per week for 60 minutes.

Qualifications: Must be able to perform the four competitive strokes legally. Must be able to train 10x50 freestyle on the 1:20 interval and 5x100 freestyle on the 2:45 interval.  Swimmers must consistently perform turns, starts, and finishes in practice.

Goals: Focus is on developing the swimmer’s skills and stroke technique.  Athletes will be focused on improving their times and setting goals.



Schedule: Offered 5 times per week for 90 minutes.

Qualifications: Must have passed the Kings group and be able to train 10x50 freestyle on :60 interval, 10x100 freestyle on 2:00 interval as base intervals.   Must show leadership skills at practice and swim meets.

Goals: The focus is on the continued mental and physical development of the athlete.  Swimmers will work on setting goals and understand how to improve to achieve their goals.  Specific race pace training will be incorporated in training.  Swimmers 13 and up will begin attending Senior Meets.


Senior Group (Swimmers in HS or Entering HS)


Qualifications: The Senior Group is Year Round only (exception is HS water polo). The Senior Group competes at Senior Level meets, Swimmers are expected to make 90% of practices.

Goals: The Senior Group is Year Round only (exception is HS water polo).  The focus on this group is competing at a high level.  Swimmers will have clear goals and work towards achieving their goals through training and mental preparation. Practice will focus on improving strength and conditioning and translating that into improved performance in races. 


High School training group (Offered Summer and winter)


Qualifications: Be a member of a local High School team

Goals: The focus on this group is improving stroke technique, including starts and turns.  Swimmers will work on improving their conditioning for the High School season.