Meet Entry Info

Meet Entry Information

We enter swim meets through Swim Connection’s Online Meet Entry (OME) site .  You do not need to be a paying swim connection member to enter meets on this site.

To enter into a meet on the OME site do the following.  

• Register for the online meet entries (ome) site and put in your swimmer’s information  Our Club Code is WCAN.  Your swimmers USA Swim ID is based on their birthday and name.  John T Smith born on 12/15/2003 would have the USA Swim ID of 121503JOHTSMIT.  It is figured out by birth date (only last two digits for year), first 3 letters of first name, middle initial, first 4 letters of last name.

• Log into the site and it will take you to a tab that says "Enter Meet".  On that page you will see a drop down menu that says "Swimming Association".  Our swimming association is Pacific Swimming and we predominantly swim in Pacific Swimming meets.  (If we are swimming outside our association, you are able to pick other associations from the drop down menu) 

• Find the meet you want to enter.  Click on that meet.  Then click the orange "Online Meet Entry" bar.  The system will load only the events for which your swimmer is eligible to swim.  It will show you both the afternoon sessions on Sat & Sun (and sometimes a meet will also have Fri evening events as well).  Enter the events you would like your child to swim.

• Then just click save and your registration will be ready for the payment process.  Proceed through the payment process to complete the meet entry.  

You will get two emails from Swim Connection.  One is for billing and one is an event summary (print the meet summary and bring it to the meet).  Swim Connection will send a summary of your swimmer’s entries to your coach as well.