Effective 4/2/2022 Long Course 2022 Funding has returned to pre-covid practices including AMS meet participation requirements and reimbursement amounts.

Short Course 2022 funding checks will be mailed on August 26th




Copies of receipts must be uploaded with the form.  Please have your receipts ready prior to completing the form.

The AMS funding process is intended to provide fixed amounts so the reimbursement is known in order to assist athletes in planning for attending these meets and to reduce the time it takes to get funding after competing in a meet that qualifies for funding.  These changes will be issued as part of the Policies and Procedures manual currently being developed by AMS.  

In order to qualify for funding from AMS, the following process will apply:

  • Athletes will need to request funding, in the form of a reimbursement.  The burden of providing the required information rests with the Athlete
  • The reimbursement will go straight to the athlete.  In certain cases (e.g. College Athletes) special consideration will be given to provide reimbursements to the club in order to comply with requirements of other organizations such as NCAA
  • Athletes will need to provide proof of swims at a given meet and expenses associated with travel and accommodations for the meet.
  • The following are required
    • An athlete, parent or guardian, or club must complete an on-line Funding Request Form for each eligible meet.
    • Proof of times must be from the USA Swimming SWIMS database.  A screen capture printed copy of applicable meet results is required to be submitted.
    • Because this is being treated as a reimbursement rather than a stipend, copies of receipts for expenses must be uploaded when submitting the request form. Receipts must include the name of the athlete.
    • Expenses (plane ticket, hotel, etc.) must equal or exceed the amount of the requested reimbursement.
  • Requests for reimbursement must be submitted by the following dates... (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    • Short Course Season Deadline (Meets held Sep 1 - Apr 15) :  May 1st
    • Long Course Season Deadline (Meets held Apr 16 - Aug 31):  September 15th
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to the Applicant for re-submittal
  • AMS will reimburse Athletes in approximately 30 days after receipt completed form and all required documentation/receipts.
  • The amount funded will be a set amount.  The AMS Board of Directors established the following reimbursement levels for the Short and Long Course seasons. AMS reserves the right to change future reimbursement levels


Olympic Trials $2,000.00
World Championship Trials $600.00
US Open $600.00
Open Water Nationals $600.00
Winter Nationals $600.00
Summer Nationals $600.00
National Disability & Paralympic Championships $600.00
Winter Junior Championship $450.00
Summer Junior Nationals $450.00
Spring Sectionals $250.00
Summer Sectionals $250.00
Futures Championship $250.00
EZ Senior Zone Championship $250.00
EZ Short Course Age Group Championship $250.00
EZ Open Water Championship $250.00



  • Athlete must be a registered member of Allegheny Mountain Swimming
  • Athlete must have competed in at least one individual or relay event at a funded meet. 
  • Athlete must be considered “Benefit Eligible” by Allegheny Mountain Swimming as defined below:
    • Short Course Funding:  Three (3) AMS Sanctioned Meets from the published Short Course Schedule  (temporarily waived)
    • Long Course Funding:  Two (2) AMS Sanctioned Meets from the published Long Course Schedule
    • **Up to two (2) Grand Prix Meets may be used annually for participation requirement – one each during the short course and long course seasons***
    • Click Here for additional requirements for College, 19 & Over Non-College, and prep School Swimmers


Please direct any questions to Tom Grassadonia - AMS Administrative Coordinator