2021 AMS Election Information


The following positions will be elected at the May 2021 HOD meeting:

General Chair
Age Group Vice-Chair
Technical Planning Chair
Safe Sport Chair

If you or someone you know is interested in running for one of these positions, please complete the self-nomination form by March 31, 2021.

Nominations and Elections are now being handled by the Governance Committee. Please direct questions to Michael Smith, AMS Governance Committee Chair at [email protected].

General Chair (2 years)

  • Oversee the management, business, operations, affairs, and property of AMS.
  • Supervise AMS's Officers & Agents.
  • Call meetings
  • Preside at meetings
  • Appoint non-elected Committee Chairs & Members with Advice & Consent of BOD
  • Report to BOD all matters within his/her knowledge in the interest of AMS
  • Assure the fulfillment of any LSC obligations to the Eastern Zone
  • Ex-Officio member of all Committees
  • Member of Personnel Committee

Age Group Vice-Chair (2 years)

  • Chair and have charge of the affairs and property of the Standing Committee that develops and conducts the age group swimming program of AMS
  • Direct responsibility (with input from Senior Vice-Chair, Technical Planning Chair, and Coaches Representative) of SC and LC Season Meet Schedules and the general conduct and items associated with Meets
  • Direct responsibility for SC and LC meets Bid Meeting
  • Direct responsibility for AMS Zone Teams3
  • Collaborative responsibility (with Diversity & Inclusion Chair) for Athlete Recruitment and Retention program development
  • Develop, implement, and oversee camps and clinics in collaboration with Senior Vice-Chair and Coaches Representative

Secretary (2 years)

  • Keep a record of all meetings of HOD and BOD. Ensure that these minutes, once approved, are posted to the AMS website
  • Chair of Personnel Committee
  • Attest the execution of all duly authorized instruments
  • Perform any duties incidental to the office

Technical Planning Chair: (2 years)

  • Chair and have charge of the affairs and property of the standing committee which is responsible for long-range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by AMS
  • Direct responsibility for Reportable Times, Records/Top 10, Time Standards, and Meet
  • Management (Sanctions & Meet Announcements, Meet Files, Sponsorship, and Meet Evaluation) including the timely and accurate posting of Meet information on the AMS website and/or distribution of materials to clubs
  • Where issues arise in advance of meets, collaborate with the necessary Committee Chairs (Age Group, Senior, Coaches, Officials), affected Meet Host staff, and others as necessary to promptly and fully resolve the issue(s)
  • Shall possess collaborative responsibility (with Age Group Vice-Chair, Senior Vice-Chair, and Coaches Representative) of SC and LC Season Meet Schedule.

Safety/Safe Sport Chair (2 years)

  • Coordinate Safe Sport and Operational Risk enhancement and training opportunities.
  • Disseminate USA Swimming Safety and Safe Sport education information
  • Develop Safety and Safe Sport education programs and policies
  • Report to BOD and HOD a summary of reports of occurrence (SAFETY) and any appropriate corrective action
  • Collaborate with General Chair, USA Swimming Safe Sport Dept. National Board of Review and any other necessary personnel with regard to Safe Sport allegations
  • Oversee the program for coach and official membership verification at meets sanctioned by AMS

Link to the Self-Nomination Form