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Miscellaneous Forms

AMS Scholastic All-American Information

2018 - 2019 AMS Scholastic All-American Application (deadline 9/23/2019)

Disbursement Request from AMS Treasurer (Form 22)

Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis Checklist
(AKA Safety Checklist)

Code of Conduct for Parents

AMS HOD Change of Delegate Form

Board Meeting Agenda Request Form

  • Athlete Funding request forms are found under the "Athletes" tab on the home page
  • Coach Fudning request forms are found under the "Coaches" tab on the home page
  • Official Funding request forms are found on the AMS Officials web site under "Officials Forms"
  • Request forms for Observed and Approved Meets have been move to the "Meet Forms" section below


2020 Registration Forms
    (registration begins September 1, 2019)

The 2020 Registration Fees:

$81 for Premium/Year Round) Athlete Membership
$20 for Flex Membership
$48 for Seasonal Athlete Membership (4/15 - 8/15)
$5 for Outreach Athletes
$81 for Non-Athletes
***$250 for Clubs
 ***If club sends a board member, coach and athlete to the September 21, 2019 HOD Meeting, the club fee will be reduced to $100***

The 2020 Registration Forms:

If mailing payment, please send to:
Allegheny Mountain Swimming
17 Fieldstone Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA  15220


We highly encourage all clubs using Team Unify & Active to take advantage of the SWIMS Integration option for submitting athlete registration files.  Prior to submitting the file for processing, please usie the Member Data Validation Service to verify team data agains the national database.  The goal is to improve the accuracy of the national database and ensure the team database matches the national database.  Please see the Team Unify and Active/Team Manager user guides and tutorials for setting up registration databases and exporting registration files. 


We encourage all clubs to take advantage of electronic payment for registration.  Upon receipt of the Registration Transmittal Form, we will issue a QuickBooks invoice which can be paid by ACH Bank Transfer (free) or Credit Card (3% fee).  Payments must be received prior to registration being processed.  AMS Electronic Payment Process


  • SEPTEMBER - Any new swimmers, coaches & officials 

  • OCTOBER - DECEMBER. –  Any renewing swimmers, coaches, officials and other non-athletes (2019 year-round memberships expire 12/31/18.)

  • APRIL/MAY  – New members for the summer.& Seasonal Athletes

  • ONGOING - Any time your club registers a new athlete or non-athlete


  • PREMIUM/YEAR ROUND ATHLETE   ($81):  9/1/2019 - 12/31/2020.  Unlimited and unrestricted meet partcipation.

  • FLEX ATHLETE ($20): 9/1/2019 - 12/31/2020.  Athletes are restricted to competition in two (2) sanctioned meets, excluding LSC Championship meets and above.  This membership is upgradable to Premium Membership for $58.. 
  • SEASONAL ATHLETE ($48):  4/15/2020 - 8/15/2020.  Excludes zone level meets and higher.  This membership is not upgradable to Premium Membership.

  • OUTREACH ATHLETE ($5):  9/1/2019 - 12/31/2020.  Athletes who meet financial eligibility requirements (see outreach membership information under the Athletes section below).  Outreach members have the same benefits as premium members and are also eligible for AMS Entry Fee Reimbursement.

  • NON-ATHLETE ($81):  9/1/2019 - 12/31/2020. Coaches, Officials, etc.  Requires USA Swimming Background Check and Athlete Protection Training.  Additional Requirements for coaches.

  • CLUB ($250*):  9/1/2019 - 12/31/2020.  Annual club registration.  *Fee discounted to $100 if club attends the 9/21/19 AMS Swimposium with an athlete, coach and other adult/board member.




*Non-athlete "batch" refers to grouping of non-athletes being registered at the same time.
There is no actual registration"batch" file for non-athletes


Clubs bringing an athlete, coach and another adult/non-athlete to the 9/21/19 AMS Convention will receive a $150 discount from the club registration fee ($250).  Please wait until after 9/21/20 to submit your club application to receive the discount.


Official' s Forms

All forms for Officials are found on the AMS Officials Web Site



 Meet Forms

Meet Bid Instructions (PDF)

Meet Bid Application - Form 7 (Word)
Meet Bid Application - Form 7 (PDF)

Meet Directors' Guide (PDF)

Meet Summary Form (Excel - preferred)
Meet Summary Form (PDF)

Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis Checklist - Form 8 (Word)
Hazard Identification & Risk Analysis Checklist - Form 8 (PDF)

Report of Occurrence Form On-Line Link  (On-Line Form is Required) - Updated 6/22/15

AMS Equipment Rental Agreement  (Word)
AMS Equipment Rental Agreement (PDF)

Coaches Sign-in (PDF)
Coaches Sign-in with Cell (PDF) - for prelims/finals meets

Safety Card Checklist for Marshals (PDF)

DQ Slips (Link to USA Swimming Store)

Photography Rules (PDF) - Please post by results at every meet

Request for Approved Meet

Requirements for Approved Meets - USAS Rulebook 202.6

Request for Meet Observation - Form A (Non-Season Culminating)

Request for Meet Observation - Form B (Season-Culminating)

Times Verification Form for Observed Meets

AMS Team Time Trials


Meet Announcements & Instructions

Instructions for Completing Meet Announcements

Meet Announcement Templates (Word)

To edit the form, click the link for the appropriate template.  Once open click the down arrow  (upper right corner) to download the document to your computer.

AMS Photography Policy (7/18/18)

Application for Sanction (Word )  3/21/2018
Application for Sanction (PDF) 3/21/2018

Meet Sponsor Agreement (Word)  3/21/2018
Meet Sponsor Agreement (PDF)  3/21/2018