Mission Statement:

The Allegheny Mountain Swimming Coaches Committee mission is to educate, facilitate communication amongst coaches and to the board of directors and appropriate contacts, and to encourage increased participation with athletes in the LSC.

Vision Statement:

To inspire and enable our members to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life.


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USA Swimming leadership course:

If you are interested in understanding more about how USA Swimming works take this Leadership Course:

Coaches Committee Meetings are open to any

Committee Members:

Courtney Fazenbaker- Chair - WAAC
Jeff Gavin - SVSC
Laurel McMahon - NGAC
Gwen Nulph - 3RVS
Dan Taylor - KW


Morgan Zweigert - HD

Emma An - HD
Carolyn Morelock - STEEL
Leah Shackly - BRY


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Below are a few items regarding updates and changes to Coach Safety Certifications and Education for 2014...


Effective September 1, 2013 First Aid will be incorporated into the Safety Training for Swim Coaches (STSC) course, and no longer a separate requirement.  The following documents should answer any questions that you may have regarding the changes:

For more detailed information:   USA Swimming STSC Webpage                                                        
For more detailed information: Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE:  For coaches requiring the STSC on-line content only (submitted with pre-existing Lifeguard certification) it is a little tricky to find.  Here is the link to the course:  Once you complete the course you will need to send a copy of the Progress Report or Certificate issued by the Red Cross to Laura Hartman ([email protected]).  She no longer receives this information automatically.


Beginning with 2014 registration year, all non-athlete members must now complete the online Athlete Protection Training (APT)course every year. Previously this was a two year renewal.  Ths following adjustments have been made in the SWIMS database to facilitate the changes:

  • APTs expiring September thru December 2013: will be extended to 12/31/13
  • APTs expiring in 2014: will be extended to 12/31/14
  • APTs expiring in 2015: will be extended to 12/31/15

Since this affects 80% of all non-athlete members (most will have APTs expiring this fall), updated 2013 membership cards will NOT be generated automatically. Coaches can refer to Deck Pass to see their correct expiration dates, or contact Laura Hartman if you need an updated 2013 membership card.

** NOTE:  USA Swimming is NOT accepting APT renewals at this time. Please do not attempt to renew the course now or you will need to take it again prior to 12/31/2013.  The web page will be updated when the system is ready to accept renewals.  Thank you **


Foundations of Coaching 201 is now available through the USA Swimming website. This course is mandatory for all first-time coaches who registered in 2013 and must be completed PRIOR TO renewing their second year coach membership along with the existing Rules & Regs for Coaches. The cost of FOC 201 is $25.00. There is no charge for the rules test.

All first-year coaches prior to 2013 who are just now renewing for their second year must complete FOC 101 and 201 as well as Rules & Regs for Coaches prior to renewing their second year coach membership.

All brand new 2014 coaches will be required to complete FOC 101 prior to becoming a coach; FOC 201 and Rules & Regs will be required prior to their second year coach membership renewal.

Should you have questions regarding any of the information above, please contact Laura Hartman at [email protected] or 412-200-2571.