Technical Planning

Technical Planning Committee


Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Technical Planning Committee is to facilitate the meet structures, schedules, and environment for the development, growth, and success of all USA Athletes and Non-Athlete members. The Technical Committee will also record and report to the AMS BOD all fines assessed to clubs and members and provide assistance to the Age Group Committee, Senior Committee, and Coaches Committee when necessary.

The committee is made up of athletes, coaches, officials, and parents. The Committee Chair, with the approval of the committee, shall recommend individuals to the General Chair. The General Chair, as well as the BOD, shall appoint any new members. Current Members consist of
Georgiann Barry (PRA)-Committee Chair, Brittney Carmazzi (PRA) athlete; Josh Carmazzi (PRA) parent/official; Kim Mitchell (PTSC) parent; Luke Modrak (TRIN) coach; Ryan O'Toole (CSC) coach/official; Jamy Pfister (UN) official; Aaron Siri (KW) parent; Payton O'Toole (CSC) athlete.
Committee Meetings:
FYI - Committee meetings are OPEN to any individual interested in the committee or have a concern which they would like to bring to our attention. Our meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, except August, at 7:00 pm at Panera's (Oakland; Blvd of the Allies)
Committee Responsibilities:
*  Note: The Technical Planning Committee is chaired by the HOD elected Technical Planning Chair whose term runs for two years.
The Technical Planning Committee with its Chair is responsible for the long-range planning of swimming programs conducted by AMS
*  The Technical Planning Committee is responsible for the timely and accurate posting of Reportable Times into SWIMS, Time Standards, and Meet Management information to the AMS website.
*  Together with the Committees and Chairs of Age Group, Senior and Coaches, the GTechnicalPlanning Committee is responsible for the AMS SC and LC Season Meet Schedule.
Committee Meeting Minutes: