How to Sign-up
1) Log on to the Team website, under Clarence Swimming Events  click Edit Commitment next to the meet name you want to enter.
2)  Under the heading Click on Member Name to declare for this Event do just that. Click on the swimmers name.
3) On The Athlete Event Sign up page click the drop down menu next to Declaration and choose, Yes I will sign up __ for this event
4) The page will then expand to show the events that you can sign up for.
     Under where is says Yes I will sign up __ for this event  There will be a window where you can type in any requests, concerns etc.   Usually, if someone has to leave early and can not be in a relay this is where you would indicate that
5) On the same page you will see a list of events available to the swimmer.
     Take note of the Day and Session to the left of the events. When you decide on
      an event click the box to the far left. There may be a time next to the event or there
      may not be. Right now the system defaults to a conversion from your best
      short course time. I am trying to fix that so we can enter with real LC times,
6) After you check off the desired events click on Save Changes and Walla! you are done.
To get the specific information about the meet, instead of clicking on Edit Commitment
choose the meet itself. On the next page click on the meet name again when it appears under Forms/Documents.
This will open up the meet announcement which should give you all the relevant details concerning the meet.  
Most importantly, if you have any questions let me know.