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Fall HOD Agenda

Fall House of Delegates Meeting

This agenda is subject to change!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Monroe Community College, Rochester
Driving Directions - Campus Map PDF

HOD Registration beginning at 8:30AM- A valid athlete membership card or non-athlete membership card must be presented to receive voting credentials. Deck Pass is acceptable!

Fall House of Delegates Meeting at 9:00AM Building 8 - Room 300

Contributing to a House of Delegates Discussion

In the hopes of an efficient and productive meeting!

Once the previous speaker has finished and you have been acknowledged by the General Chairman…

  • Stand up, introduce yourself, and state the name of the swim club you are representing.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • Stay on subject and avoid personal attacks.
  • State your motion or idea affirmatively:

    “I feel that we should…,” rather than “I feel that we should not…”.

  • Most importantly:

Be certain that you have a thorough understanding of the topic at hand before speaking, in order to avoid erroneous discussion!

Roll Call

Reading, correction and adoption of minutes of previous meeting: Spring 2017 HOD PDF

Reports of officers:

General Chairman: Eastern Zone Report to General Chairs

Administrative Vice-Chairman:

Age Group Vice-Chairman: Change to Eastern Zone Meet

Senior Group Vice-Chairman: Updated Athlete Travel Reimbursement Criteria

Finance Vice-Chairman:

Technical Planning: 

Qualifying Times for 2018 SC Age Group Championship

Qualifying Times for 2018 Spring Sectional Meets

Coach Representative Report: 

Athlete Representatives Report:

Operational Risk and Safe Sport:

Operational Risk and Safe Sport Report

2017 USA Swimming YTD Accident Report

Safe Sport Club Coordinator Letter

Treasurer's Report:

2017 Report (PDF)

Balance Sheet

2016-2017 YTD Profit/Loss Statement

2016 2017 Budget vs Actual

Niagara LSC Records: Records Set In 2016-2017 (XLSX)


Current Club Statistics: 2016-2017 Report (PDF)           

Athlete Registrations Graph:  2004-2017 (PDF)

Trends: 2009-2017 Report (PDF)

Splashes by Event: 2012-2017 Report (PDF)

Time Standard Achievement:

2012-2017 Report for Fastest Standard (PDF)

2012-2017 Report for Each Standard (PDF)

Secretaries Report: 


Reports of committees and coordinators

Officials Report:

Chair's Report   

Officials Percentages 

Certification and Recertification Chart (as of 10-1-2017)

Legislation/By-Laws Report:

2017 Proposed Legislation - USA Swimming (PDF)

Disability Report:

Diversity Report:

2017 Chair Report     

2017 Demographics Report

National Times Verification Report: 

Communications/Webmaster Report: If you aren't on one the Niagara Google Groups you're missing out! Communications should flow from me, to one of the groups, and then throughout the clubs or general membership. I've been informed by a number of parents throughout the LSC that the only time they are getting information is on the website or the Facebook/Twitter accounts. This means that clubs aren't getting the word out and that's not good! The LSC is a large diverse group so not all communication is appropriate for all groups but that doesn't mean we shouldn't encourage our members to get on groups as they see fit. Please, let your membership know that they are available. Here is a direct link to the instructions for joing our groups. They are also posted in the News section of Thanks! 


Unfinished (old) business


New business

Presentation and approval or Budget Proposal for 2017 - 2018

Proposed Budget

Proposal for change to bylaws: 

Proposal to amend 604.1.1 - House of Delegates (PDF) - Eric Stimson

Proposal to amend 604.1.2 - House of Delegates (PDF) - Eric Stimson

Proposal to amend 607.3 - DIVISIONS, COMMITTEES AND COORDINATORS (PDF) - Eric Stimson

Proposal for change to Polices and Procedures:

Proposal to amend 202.2.E - Policy Regarding Approval of Bid Calendar - Will Chidsey (SYCH)

Approval of May-August 2017 Bid-Calendar

2018 Summer Bid Announcement

2018 Summer Bid Calendar for HOD Approval (update 10/7 to adjust dates for TTSC End of Summer Meet)


Election of Secretary

Elections for Niagara Nominating Committee:

DUTIES OF NOMINATING COMMITTEE - A slate of candidates for election as the officers, or committee chairs or coordinators specified in Section 606.1, and the members of the Board of Review to be elected at the next spring meeting shall be prepared by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee may in its discretion nominate a slate of one person for each position to be filled or may nominate more than one candidate for one or more of the positions. The Nominating Committee shall also nominate a slate of candidates for the Nominating Committee to be elected at each fall meeting before the spring meeting of the House of Delegates at which elections are to be held.

Presentation of Volunteer of the Year

Presentation of Athlete of the Year Awards

Presentation of Coach of the Year Awards

Resolutions and orders




Athletes Meeting - Bldg 8 Room 100 -- 11:00 AM - 11:30PM

Athlete In-Water Clinic with Olympian Lia Neal (pre-registration is now closed)

Session 1 - Registration time 11:00 AM, Building 8

Session 2 - Registration time 1:30 PM, Building 10 (Pool) 

Officials Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 200 -- 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Closed to Officials Committee (Clinic Directors) Mentoring, teach the teacher, committee responsibilities.

Officials Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 200 -- 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

All Officials Meeting (Changes to rules, advancement requirement changes, proposal to use phone applications, etc)

Officials Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 200 -- 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Recertification Clinic ONLY. Philosophical side of officiating. Amy H. will focus on mentoring, athlete focused officiating.

N2-N3 Certifications and why they are important, how to get on National decks, what it’s like to be at Olympic Trials.

Question and Answer period.

Officials Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 100 -- 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Referee/Starter New Officials Clinic

Officials Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 200 -- 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Stroke/Turn New Officials Clinic


Coaches Meeting -- Bldg 8 Room 300 --  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Swimposium Speaker Jim Richardson will be presenting in the morning. A schedule of times and topics are coming soon.