Program Overview


The FAST Swim Team provides high-quality teaching, coaching, and support for swimmers of all ages.  We guide youth to excellence at every level -- from their first full length of the pool to the highest competitive level they seek to achieve.

At FAST, we believe that success in swimming is much more than best times or college scholarships.  Commitment to swimming and regularly challenging  oneself develops valuable skills and experience which serve our athletes well throughout their lives.



FAST is a premium program.  Groups practice with a maximum of 4 swimmers per lane.  In addition to the safety this provides, our swimmers develop their skills without the distractions of a more crowded environment.  Some examples are:

  • Proper Butterfly – no one-arm strokes
  • Proper Backstroke head position – no concern about colliding with others
  • Proper Breaststroke underwater pull downs – not shortened to maintain their spot in the lane
  • Swimming and executing turns in a straight line – just as they should in competitions

Swimmers practice in designated groups based on experience and commitment.  Our curriculum encompasses stroke foundations, stroke refinement, conditioning skills, and the essential principles of preparation for competitive success.

Please contact Coach Lauren if you would like to join us!  [email protected]