Tuition & Fees
Saved CC or ACH Info Required (No Exceptions)
All transaction fees are paid by the purchaser.
FAST operates on a 4-week billing cycle.  Accounts with active swimmers are charged on the dates outlined below.  Reminders are sent one week in advance of all autocharge dates.
Autocharge Date Schedule Notes
Monday, October 12  
Monday, November 9  
Monday, December 7  
Winter Break No practices 12/21/2020 through 12/27/2020
Monday, January 11  
Monday, February 8  
Monday, March 8  
Monday, April 5  
Monday, May 3  
Monday, May 31  
Monday, June 28  
Monday, July 26 Pro-rated (half) payment due to Year-End Break
Year-End Break No Practices 8/9/2021 through 8/22/2021
Team Group 4-Week Payment Amount Annual Registration Fees
FAST Development $108.00
$72.00 USA Swimming
$10.00 FAST Swim Cap
Age Group Development $162.00 $72.00 USA Swimming
Junior Development $216.00 $72.00 USA Swimming
Varsity Development $162.00 $72.00 USA Swimming
Senior Development $324.00 $72.00 USA Swimming
National Development $378.00 $72.00 USA Swimming


Additional Note: Training equipment is currently not permitted at our facility.  When equipment is permitted, swimmers must purchase specific Arena brand items if they do not already own them.

Transaction Fee Detail for Team Unify (

  • Credit Card: 2.95% + $0.30 per transaction
  • ACH: $1.25 per transaction