Football Ages/Weight

 All athletes must be the designated age by Sept. 1, 2017

The ages for Football are 5-14 years old:

Flag football 4 & 5 years old

Super Peewee 6 & 7 years old - child must weigh under 85lbs.

Peewee 8 & 9 years old - child must weigh under 100lbs.

Widgets 10 & 11 years old - child must weigh under 125lbs.

Juniors 12 & 13 years old - child must weigh under 155lbs. (child can not be in high school and play for this league)

Registration Fees

Flag Football - $100.00

Super Peewee - Juniors  $300.00

Payment plans are available when you register online.  

Volunteer Time

All families are required to complete 3 volunteer duties/shifts for the 2017 football & cheer season.  Each family is asked for a $150 volunteer duty deposit check, which is held as a security for performance of volunteer duties.  Your check will be returned once your volunteer duties are complete.  We will be using Volunteer Spot to help us organize the volunteer shifts and to send out weekly reminders.  Check out the schedule under the "Volunteer Time" tab.  If you have any questions please email

*New requirement* All flag football and little steps families are required to submit a volunteer deposit check for $50. Once you have fulfilled 1 volunteer shift of approximately 90-120 minutes you will receive you deposit check back.