About SwimAmerica


About SwimAmerica

SwimAmerica operates hundreds of professional learn-to-swim programs in the United States and around the world. Our programs are operated by certified swim coaches who have achieved a minimum of ASCA Level II Coaching Certification.

SwimAmerica is a nationally certified learn to swim curriculum created by the American Swimming Coaches Association and taught through over 500 program directors at over 900 sites across the USA.  It's the state of the art learn-to-swim program in the world today brought to you by the same coaches who have brought you the most successful sport team on the planet the USA Olympic Swimming Team.  What we learn teaching people to set world records, we use to teach new swimmers to enjoy swimming with the best techniques in the world. We teach the elite athlete AND the new child!

With SwimAmerica Water Safety Comes First!
SwimAmerica lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime. Our swim schools focus on safety skills and the ability to swim a minimum of 300 yards of freestyle.


Why SwimAmerica?

SwimAmerica is Established!  Created in 1988 by the American Swimming Coaches Association.  SwimAmerica is proven!  It's 23 year proven teaching curriculum works!  It teaches swimmers to swim the right way the first time therefore it is a natural feeder program and progression into competitive swimming.

SwimAmerica is Flexible! SwimAmerica can be taught in any pool - a backyard pool, school pool or a multi-million dollar aquatic center.  The curriculum is for infants through adults and can be used to teach all abilities. The program can be small or large.

SwimAmerica is Quality!  SwimAmerica teaches children to swim - we don't just teach lessons.  SwimAmerica puts Safety First!  SwimAmerica lessons are designed to teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around the water for a lifetime.  Our swim schools focus on safety skills and the ability to swim a minimum of 300 yards of freestyle.

SwimAmerica is Fun!  SwimAmerica offers a highly rewarding job teaching children skills that can safe their lives and it's fun for the swimmers too!

SwimAmerica is Goal Oriented! With SwimAmerica's waterproof certificates, swimmers and parents know from their first lesson the specific goals and skill mastery they are working on to become a proficient swimmer for life.  Swimmers are recognized as goals are met at each step of their skill mastery.

SwimAmerica offers ongoing national support! SwimAmerica has a national network of learn to swim experts plus a full time staff that is a toll free phone call away!

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SwimAmerica Overview

FLEET First teaches a Swim America Curriculum with the purpose of teaching kids how to swim by the most effective method known.

Characteristics of Swim America:

1. Simplicity: The fundamental elements of swimming are organized into ten units known as "stations". Each station builds upon skills learned at previous stations. The end result is a student who can perform six unique styles of swimming a distance of at least 300 yards without stopping. The entire progression can be learned.

2. Flexibility: There is ongoing editing of the Swim America program employing feedback from local programs already in operation. Swim America uses a "loose leaf" approach, so that as advancements and improvements are made, our Program Directors and Coaches are made aware of it without having to wait for new textbooks to be published.

3.Complete and Diverse: Swim America is designed for everybody, regardless of usage intentions. Our program offers specific distinctions for both individual and group applications. The object is to prepare anyone who wishes to learn, with the tools to participate in, and appreciate, a wide variety of aquatic activities which are open to him once he has mastered the fundamentals.

4. Goal-Driven: Advancement criteria have been established which provide the student with clear tests of his/her own abilities. Each station serves to motivate the student to achieve beyond his/her own immediate expectations.

5. Technique-Oriented: "Good swimming is good swimming" Swim America makes no distinction between "competitive" and "recreational" technique. Proper techniques of swimming (including breathing, body positions, movement of limbs and timing) have been established as a result of decades of experience and observation. What works best and what is enjoyable have been incorporated into our programs.

6. National Base: While allowing for change and encouraging individuality on the part of coaches, Swim America can be counted upon to deliver the same high-quality product at every location in which it operates. Quality control is the cornerstone of our program and is maintained from the National Office down to every coach working with the individual student by training, communication and follow-through.