Parent Information


Parent Information


Getting Started:

All FLEET First Swim School students will need the following equipment: One or two towels to dry off with, swim goggles, and swim suit - ideally a one piece competitive type suit. If your child has long hair please tie their hair back with a hair tie, or better yet have them use a swimming cap.

All new students should be signed up for a FreeTrial Class. During this class your child will be evaluated and assigned to the appropriate SwimAmerica Station. Please remember the Station number they are assigned, this is a critical component of the SwimAmerica program.

All new students will receive a special red, white and blue SwimAmerica certificate that will help explain the Stations and track your child's progress in the program.

Arriving at the Pool:

Classes begin and end on time. Please make sure that your child is a few minutes early and ready to swim prior to lesson starting.

"Move Ups":

One of the unique parts of the SwimAmerica program is that each child will be evaluated every single class. A child may "move up" to the next Station at any moment even during a class. Advancing to the next Station is a big deal to us and we celebrate any child that does so. The celebration will take place in the form of cheering, clapping, and ringing of the bell.

In addition any child that advances to the next SwimAmerica Station will receive a sticker that should be placed on their SwimAmerica certificate. This sticker will be given out by the front desk.

After Class:

All classes will end promptly. If you have any questions about the class, your child's progress, etc please see the Site Supervisor and not the Coach.

Special Note about Crying:

If your child cries, it doesn't mean they aren't ready for swim lessons. They may be adjusting to the separation from Mom or Dad, getting accustomed to the new surroundings, or just having a bad day. If you give your child some time and let them see that you're confident, he/she will follow your lead, relax, and enjoy this wonderful experience.

We will be as patient as we need to be. Let us handle it. Your child will eventually adjust and we will help them by gently pushing them along the way. This is quite normal and part of the process. In some ways, overcoming their fear and learning to let go of Mom and Dad may be as important as learning to swim. We promise that it will get better as your child becomes more comfortable with us and the water. Hang in there Mom and Dad!

Please Note:

With the exception of Future Stars, no child should be left unattended at FLEET First Swim School.

No parents or other family members or friends are allowed on the pool deck at any time. Please drop your child off with the Site Supervisor and proceed directly into the Parent Viewing Area or other designated area assigned by Site Supervisor.