Thank you for your support and participation to 2010 SWIM A THON.

Sofia after finishing 50 laps (1250 yard) with mom

SWIM A THON in action

Aly Pacitti helping time swimmers going 200laps / 5000 yards.

This is harder than it looks. Good job ALy

Eder Rodriguez taking short break before finishing 132 laps (3300yards)

David Soto taking short break before back in action to finish 100 laps (2500yards)

Nicholas Pacitti and Sean Laufer going for distance.

Nicholas (1:15:27.61) Sean (1:17:14.06) Good job boys

Emily Goldberg working on her first SWIM A THON 100 laps (2500 yards)

Youngest member Ricky Oriol (5) finished 30 laps (750 yards)

Ian Gonzalez finished strong 100 laps (2500 yards)

Isabella Taylor going and going. 152 laps (3800 yards)

Jorge Fajardo working hard 134 laps (3300 yards)

Gino Silvera working to finish 58 laps (1450 yards)

Our awesome masters swimming distance in 1 hour

(missing Margi Jordan finished 114 laps / 2850 yards)

from left 

Lohna Erickson         114 laps / 2850 yards

Marissa Pacitti           100 laps / 2500 yards

Coach Carole             150 laps / 3750 yards

Final results will be up soon